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Love Eggs


Love Eggs

As far as sex toys go, the love egg sure has one of the cutest names. It’s a pretty fitting name for its size too. A love egg is one of the most popular sex toys for women because of its more focused and powerful vibrations. It’s a small, usually in the shape of an egg or a teardrop, smooth device you simply insert into your intimate parts to experience a hands-free orgasm.

Just like your regular egg, there are so many ways to enjoy a love egg. You can use it for clitoral stimulation during foreplay or during penetration. It’s also great for teasing two of your erogenous zones.

Love eggs come in many variations and can be used in different areas of the body. There are wireless love eggs that are perfect for playing with your partner. There’s also the remote control egg. You can always hand over the remote to your partner for some playful teasing. Then there’s the dual egg. It allows you to simultaneously stimulate two of your sensitive spots.

If you’re interested in trying out this vibe, check out our love eggs above. We offer nationwide delivery in the Philippines– all in discreet packaging.

  • What is a love egg?
    A love egg is a small sex toy that is usually in the shape of an egg or a teardrop, smooth device you simply insert into your intimate parts to experience a hands-free orgasm.
  • How to use a love egg?
    Using a love egg is pretty simple. Start by applying an ample amount of water-based lubricant to the tip of the egg. Lie down on your bed, then gently place the egg against your vagina or any of your erogenous zones. After that, press the power button to turn on the vibrations. You can use the egg for clitoral stimulation during foreplay or during penetration.
  • How to clean a love egg?
    Most love eggs can be cleaned with mild soap and water or with a sex toy cleaner, but for good measure, please check your toy’s manual for full instructions.

History of Love Eggs

As for the origin of the love egg vibrators, it all started way back in the 19th and 20th centuries. Women of the upper and middle class experiencing “hysterical” symptoms would go to doctors and midwives for vulvar massages. The hysterical paroxysms that they would experience (aka orgasms) would calm their nerves. Eventually, the medical professionals would end up with tired arms because of the increasing number of women getting regular treatments.

This has led to the invention of a steam-powered vibrator called “Manipulator. Made by physician George Taylor, the machine can then provide automated vulvar massages for their patients. By 1880, the first battery-operated vibrator was then created by Joseph Mortimer Granville.

As years went by, more inventors and manufacturers started creating their own variation of the vibrator. Pop culture has also subtly promoted sex toys– shows like Sex and the City started featuring vibrators in some of their episodes. This has then led to the emergence of love eggs. With its compact and sleek design, this love toy has slowly become a favorite in the female crowd

Bestselling Love Eggs

If you’re looking for the love egg that perfectly matches your preferred features and aesthetics, you can surely count on us. We provide a wide array of love eggs– catering to everyone’s preferred style, function, and budget. As for the bestselling toys, the Ladylike Love Egg is topping the list. It features an ergonomic design for ultimate vaginal and clitoral pleasure. It also has a velvety surface and 10 vibration frequencies.

Next is the SVAKOM Ella Neo App-Controlled Bullet Egg. What’s great about this vibrating egg is that you play it remotely through an app. If you’re in a long-distance relationship or a camming entertainer, this will come in handy for your needs. It also comes with 11 high-powered vibration modes and a wearable design.

The third bestseller is the Wildflower Love Egg. What makes it a stellar standout on other love eggs is that it’s weighted; you can use it as a kegel ball. Made with ultra-soft silicone, it features 10 vibration modes and an aesthetically-pleasing design.

Care & Maintenance

When using love eggs, you must know the toy’s main material, as this will be the basis of what type of lube you should be using for the vibe. Let’s say your love egg is made with body-safe silicone; it’s better to use water-based lubes rather than silicone ones– it may deteriorate the surface of your love egg.

As for the cleaning process, it’s pretty simpler than other toys since you’ll only need to clean the small love egg with warm water and mild soap. If your love egg has a remote control, you don’t necessarily have to wash the remote with water– wiping it with a damp towel or spraying a sex toy cleaner will do.

As for the storage of this love toy, it’s best to use a velvet or satin pouch. This minimizes exposure to dust and dirt, as well as prevents contamination with your other sex toys. Keep it inside a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and children.

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