Looking for a lubricant made with organic ingredients? The Sliquid is a brand that’s worth checking out. Their lubricants are 100% free from harmful ingredients, such as glycerin, parabens, glycol, DEA, PEG, sulfates, sorbitol, and propylene glycol.

Their products perfectly emulate natural lubrication, which minimizes friction during vaginal and anal sex and ensures comfort for both parties. They’re also safe with latex, rubber, plastic, and silicone. And if you’re vegan, no worries, as their lubes are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free!

  • What is Sliquid?
    Sliquid is an international sexual wellness brand specializing in high-quality, all-natural lubricants and gels. Their products are free from questionable artificial ingredients such as DEA, PEG, sulfates, propylene glycol, glycerin, sugar derivatives, and parabens.
  • What is a lubricant?
    A personal lubricant, commonly known as lube, is a gel that emulates vaginal lubrication and serves as an aid to vaginal or anal penetration. It minimizes friction, which results in less pain or bleeding during sex.
  • How do you clean off lube from fabrics?
    Clean it as you would do on regular clothes; use a detergent powder or detergent bar. You can hand wash it or use the washing machine.

History of Lubricants

The lubricant was first documented in Greece, wherein they would use oil to aid sexual activities. China in ancient times also used oil as their main lube, even using it in their condoms made from animal intestines. Meanwhile, Japan has formulated a slick lubricant made from yams. And for those who didn’t have the tools or ingredients to produce lube, simply use spit.

Everything would change by the 1800s as silicone-based lubricants entered the market. Since then, sexual wellness companies have started formulating different lubricants; some are flavored, others have thicker consistencies, and others have a warming or cooling features. Today, personal lubes have become a sexual staple; sex therapists and professionals are encouraged to use lubricants in their sexy sessions.

History of Sliquid

After learning the history of lubricants in the first section, we will now share the brief history of this bestselling brand. Sliquid started in 2002 by Dean Elliott, launching their first two products: Sliquid H2O and Sliquid Silver.

Because of their top-notch formulation, they grew their customer base, enabling them to formulate new lubricants. And because Dean’s wife has sensitivities to glycerin, he made sure that all Sliquid products were glycerin-free. They also ensured that their products didn’t have sugar or sugar derivatives and formulated the lubes with organic ingredients.

With this initiative, this brand has continued to flourish for about two decades now. They’ve already had multiple product lines, and their personal lubes are now available worldwide.

Benefits of Using Sliquid Products

If you’re wondering why you should get lube from this brand, here are some Sliquid lubes’ wonders. First, their lubricants are made with natural ingredients. They don’t have any questionable artificial ingredients, such as glycerin, sugar derivatives, parabens, glycol, DEA, PEG, sulfates, propylene glycol, and sorbitol. Their thickening agent is plant cellulose.

Another great thing about Sliquid lubricants is that they’re vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. They’re following an ethical and sustainable production process. In fact, their packaging is recyclable.

But what makes this brand awesome is its formulation. Even if it’s a water-based lube, you can still ensure it’s not drippy and feels like natural lubrication. Whether you’re going for vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, and other forms of sexual play, you can always rely on this premium brand.

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