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Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators

What Are Rabbit Vibrators

If being stimulated in the G-spot is not enough for you, and you want to give your clitoris the attention it deserves, then rabbit vibrators are perfect for you. There are many types of vibrators. Rabbit pearl is just one of the most popular toys in the market. It got its name from its clitoral vibrator that resembles that of rabbit ears. Who knew rabbit ears would be an inspiration for one of the most popular sex toys for women? Now, if you want to try out this frisky toy, you may check out our selections above. We offer various kinds of rabbit vibrators- from ribbed textures to rotating shafts. No worries as we will deliver it to you discreetly and conveniently! Get this toy now from the Philippines’ trusted sex toy shop.

A Brief History

These dual-action rabbit vibrators were first introduced in the year 1983 along with the other animal-inspired vibrators. They came from Japan and though they may be phallus-shaped, they were purposely built to resemble cute animals in varying degrees of bright colors because of Japan’s law against obscenity. It was then catapulted into popularity when it appeared in the hit show Sex and the City. These bunny toys may look cute but they’re perfectly capable of giving you a one-two punch down below that can send you into a frenzied orgasm.

How To Use A Rabbit Vibrator?

To get the most out of your rabbit vibrator, start by getting familiar with its functions. The
rabbit ears often have one set of controls while the shaft has separate controls. Test out each button so you can click on them without having to look. You don’t want to fumble about for the buttons when you are already in the middle of an orgasm. You may want to use lube on the shaft and on the ears to give you that slick sensation. When you’re ready and comfortable, all you need to do now is sit back and enjoy.

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