Rabbit Vibrators


Rabbit Vibrators

Your vulva deserves all the love it can get, especially in the form of pleasure. Who doesn’t crave for such sexual action these days? If you’re yearning to satisfy your most sensitive spots, the clitoris and g-spot, at simultaneously reach a blended orgasm, then the rabbit vibrators should be on top of your list. It has two pleasure motors that are uniquely structured to resemble its loopy ears. Learn more about this gorgeous love toy in the helpful guide, alongside more benefits of such and our top toy recommendations.

rabbit vibrators

What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

If you think about it, the rabbit vibrator sounds really quirky and really makes you wonder what it does. It’s general knowledge that anything involving a vibrator means it’s going to sexually please a certain part of your body. A rabbit vibrator is a type of vibrator with two motors in contrast to the classic vibrator with one: a girthy, phallic shaft for g-spot penetration and a shorter, thinner and textured tickler for clitoral stimulation.

Usually crafted with body-safe materials such as silicone or ABS plastic, the rabbit vibrator is packed with powerful vibration settings (modes, patterns, etc.) on each motor to reach that blended o’. It can come in different sizes and have extra features; app-controlled, warming, rechargeable, thrusting, and more.

History-wise, vibrators have come a long way from being a means of treatment to heal mental illness and other dreadful ailments. As for the rabbit vibrator specifically, it began in the ‘80s in Japan. Certain laws on obscenity banned any lewd-looking product, so some sex toy manufacturers had to think outside of the box in crafting their products. Hence, animal-shaped love toys were a result, and the rabbit variation garnered the most attention.

And to add to the good news, the popular tv show Sex and the City gave it more fame, further opening the idea of vibrators as pleasure toys in our society.

what is a rabbit vibrator

Why You Should Try Rabbit Vibrators

Why not though? The rabbit vibrator is one of many pioneers in making love toys more known and used in the mainstream, and it goes beyond its chic yet witty appearance inspired by a beloved animal. For one, it delivers the good stuff in double. What do we mean by that? Because it has two motors (big and small), it brings in double pleasure which leads to a blended orgasm! Your body will be trembling after the first try, we can tell you that. Two, it’s a beginner-friendly toy. It’ll be easier to gain control and find those certain sweet spots. Looks like you’re sparing your struggling fingers from any stress to locate it when the rabbit vibrator is direct with its double functions.

With easy usage, it’ll make you reach those o’s quick since your body will be feeling a lot of sensations all at once. Those vibrations are no joke, honey. Plus, there are special features added in certain toys to intensify the experience. They may make them more pricey, but you’ll get your money’s worth? Like imagine a thrusting variant that you can also bring in the shower? You’ll want to be seated with the various options of the rabbit vibrator.

double pleasure double fun

Double Pleasure, Double Fun!

Rabbit vibrators are capable of giving its user a blended orgasm, a clitoral and vaginal orgasm occuring simultaneously in one go. Because it’s double, it’s bound to be really strong and intense. Heck, you’ll have your entire body shaking and your heart beating really fast to catch your breath! Another key to this is finding the right vibration setting per motor, especially when they work individually.

tag a partner along

Tag a Partner Along

Most of the time, we associate sex toys with solo play. But actually, bringing a partner makes the experience more memorable. Think about it: while you’re sprawled out in the bed, your partner can control the rabbit vibrator to caress and play with your g-spot and clitoris. They’re left with their other free hand, eager to explore more your body for pleasure. So don’t shy away the idea and get adventurous!

easy peasy lets get freaky

Easy Peasy, Let’s Get Freaky

Because a rabbit vibrator is structured for g-spot penetration and clitoral stimulation, it would find your sensitive spots in no time. It’ll spare you any stress or frustration when your hands aren’t coordinated with your mind. Based on how it’s built, it’s crystal clear which motor goes inside and which stays out to please you. So you can lay back while the toy and its vibrations gives you a good time.

fast ride to-your climaxes with rabbit vibrators

Fast Ride to Your Climaxes

Back at it with the double pleasure and blended orgasm, the rabbit vibrator can make you come quick! Especially if it’s your first time, your body must be in frenzy (but in a good way) from how powerful those waves of pleasure are. Hence, it’s also a great love toy for beginners who want to learn more about their body during sex! Plus, you have more control over your climaxes since you know how to use the toy and its settings.

we love range

EWe Love Range

If you think of versatility in terms of love toys, the rabbit vibrator is one top toy people would think of. Over time, manufacturers added new features to make every sexcapade with the toy intense and long-lasting. From independent vibration control per motor, different structured shaft and tickler, thrusting, and even being waterproof, the list can continue to go on and innovate for more users ahead.


If you’re on the rabbit hunt for the ideal rabbit vibrator for your love toy collection, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got a bunch of rabbit vibrators that satisfies everyone’s sexual needs.

On the top of our list, we have the Satisfyer Hot Lover. From its gorgeous, sleek design parading in pastel pink and green, not only is it appealing but it’s app-enabled. We’re talking long-distance control and more. And it’s not called a Hot Lover for nothing; it can heat up to 39 degrees C/104 degrees F.

Next on our list is the SVAKOM Alice Vibrator. Get curious like Alice in Wonderland and jump into craziest pleasure you’ll ever feel with its velvet texture you can easily clench around with. It’s also packed with 7+1 vibration modes and 5 intensities. Plus, it’s bendable, so you can adjust it to fit your vulva area.

Lastly, we have the Lovense Nora App-Controlled Rotating Rabbit Vibrator. It has a ribbed shaft with with a tip that rotates for g-spot penetration. It’s also app-enabled, wherein there is long distance control and you can even video call your partner for virtual sexcapades.

Types and Variations

The Rabbit Vibrator comes in assorted shapes and sizes, all with specific features that eases and amplifies one’s sexcapade after every use. For one, its shaft can be ribbed texture to add more friction during g-spot penetration. Another is its tickler can also come in different textures, such as ribbed and sleek. It can even have two extra and smaller ears to tease and please the clitoris even more.

Most rabbit vibrators are USB-rechargeable, wherein all you need to do to regain power is to chage it with the cord the package comes along with. It saves you the hassle of buying batteries back in the day. Like you don’t want to be in a brink of an o, but the movement stops because the battery’s gone empty. Aside from this, a rabbit vibrator can be app-enabled. This is a major innovation, especially for long-distance couples. So whenever we crave for that physical touch, we can connect with our partners through a toy like this and control its settings. Almost as if we’re in the same room as them.

Hopping Into Our Best Sexcapades Yet

The Rabbit Vibrator continues to innovate within the world of sex toys, making it a more open space to express your sexual desires, interests, and thoughts. What was meant to be a discreet hideaway to avoid breaking the law only broke the stigma of sex toys as an outlet of pleasure. This toy is now more evident on its look and function, which constantly advances to reach higher heights and sensations for all vulva owners. And we only wish that you can find the one that fits you real good and serves as the heavenly answer to all your desires!

“The Rabbit Vibrator started as an alternative sex toy sent to Japan, then grew more popular through the tv show Sex in The City due to Charlotte’s addiction to it.”
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