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Satisfyer Mono Flex

5.00 out of 5 based on 23 customer ratings
(23 customer reviews )



Whether you want a smart vibrator for self-pleasure or for your long-distance lover, you can surely rely on the Satisfyer Mono Flex. This rabbit vibrator can be controlled through an app, wherein you can sync the vibrations with your favorite song or have a long-distance cyber-sesh with your boo.

  • Size: length 8″ / insertable length 4″ / width 1.7″ / height 2.2″
  • Material: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic
  • Designed with 11 vibration modes
  • Can be controlled remotely thru the Satisfyer Connect App
  • Long distance control
  • Can be in sync with the music thru the Satisfyer Connect App
  • Rechargeable (USB magnetic charging cable included)
  • Waterproof and low-noise

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Satisfyer Mono Flex Features

Looking for a flexible and versatile rabbit vibrator? The Satisfyer Mono Flex is here to meet those sultry demands. This vibrator is made from medical-grade silicone and body-safe ABS plastic. It features 11 vibration modes– ranging from gentle vibes up to earth-shattering vibrations.

But don’t worry about the intense vibes as the toy is designed to be low-noise. And if you want to bring this in the shower, you can also do just that as this vibe is waterproof.

But you know what makes this rabbit vibrator so much better than the other variants? It’s because this vibe can be controlled through the Satisfyer Connect App. Through this mobile app, you can create your own vibration patterns, sync your vibe to your favorite songs, and even have a steamy video call sesh with your long-distance lover.

How to Use this Toy?

Before using the Satisfyer Mono Flex, charge the toy first. Please see the manual of the vibe for further details. Once you’re done charging, you can then turn on the vibrator by pressing the 2-lined wave button for a few seconds. It’s already turned on once you hear a light whirring sound. To change vibration modes, press the plus (+) and minus (-), as well as the wave buttons (see the manual for full details).

For a smoother groove, apply water-based lubricant on the shaft and clitoral tickler part of the toy. Now, if you want to control this vibrator using the Satisfyer Connect App, install the app on google play or the app store first. Further instructions will be on the app. Clean it up as soon as you’re done with the deed and store it in a velvet or satin pouch.

Care Instruction

Warm water and mild soap

Clean with warm water and mild soap.

Lint-free cloth or towel

Pat dry with lint-free cloth or towel.

Satin pouch

Pack in a linen/silk/satin pouch.


Do not use acid-cleaner or brush.

Power Plug

Make sure water does not go inside the switch or charging port.

Cooling Fan

Store in a cool dry place.

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5.00 out of 5
(23) Reviews
  1. rio
    this is my first app controlled toy and i bought it cos i was intrigued, and it didn't disappoint at all! connecting it to music was so cool and trying other's preset was interesting as well. 💯💯💯

  2. My favorite toy!
    This toy is my ride or die orgasm bff. I have so much fun with the long distance app controlled option. Definitely one of the best purchases I've had ever.

  3. OlCa
    My first vibe. I love it! Looking forward to experiencing all the options it offers. If you are a first time sex toy shopper, this is definitely a good starter. The packaging feels high quality, the material of the vibe – excellent! It may look intimidating in the photos – believe me I doubted my purchase and thought I would not use it once it arrived – but no all those thoughts went away once I held it in my hands. Lol! I still have my v-card so experimenting with this was so fun! A lot of vibrating option and the app... awesome. I love the erotic stories they have there, I just hope it expands more. NGL, I used to only use my hands, and boy oh boy, I didn't know I was handling my nether regions so roughly until I had this. Bask in the experience, get to know your toy, it's not just something to get you to orgasm. Get to know yourself as you use it. Good luck bb! This is definitely worth it. ;)

  4. AB Normal <3
    This toy is perfect for long distance relationship 😉 And feels good, the vibration modes and intensity is superB 💕

  5. Pon
    Made an excellent gift for my special someone. Premium quality on the packaging and built of the product. The app controls are a nice touch and looks highly maintained. Vibration doesn't make a lot of sound which is a great addition as to why this product is worth the price.

  6. Isai
    This product is a must. The size might look intimidating looking at pictures, but I assure you the size is just right. Get the right angle and you are in for a treat. Having an app to go along is cherry on top to monitor battery life and to customize your own patterns and intensities.

  7. T
    Update: Satisfied with the Satisfyer Mono Flex. Tbh I was debating whether to choose this or the Heat version. After finally finding the right ambient sounds (hint: go to tumblr and search bishounenpalace. Ur welcome ;)), I finally managed to ease my way around using the live control while listening to the dojoushin VA. It worked like a charm. I set it on loop and managed to cum 5 times in one round. Definitely a game changer. Medyo sariling sikap in finding your kink with this vibe. Also, you can try creating an account to access other people’s settings shared. Most are hit or miss. I tried using the music vibes but my playlist isn’t meant for this shit hahaha. Highly recommended but definitely needs experience. Would prolly buy this or the Pro 2 clit sucker on sale for my friends when I get the chance next time.

  8. Pancake
    I was watching this item for a while now and instantly purchased when I saw it on sale. I'm new to rabbit vibrators but this was intriguing because it was app operated. I wanted to get something that I could use on my own and with my LDR boyfriend. A great way to spice things up! The "rabbit" mode on the app is just heaven. Great for solo play and hands free, The thick tip helps it not slide out. Overall BEST PURCHASE for me and my boyfriend absolutely loves it! I'm curious to try other app controlled toys and maybe a smaller variant for quickies or teasing.

  9. C
    This was my first toy and I don’t think I’ll need to try any more! It’s the best. So many different options for vibrations. The fit is so perfect and I can basically go hands free and just control everything from the app. The loop function is amazing. Definitely recommend this!

  10. S
    fast transactions with the site and it arrived quicker than i expected!! def love Lauvette and i love the toy as well <3 can’t wait to use it with my gf

  11. A
    Had much fun using it with my bf. Made our ldr a whole lot better!!!

  12. Maifu
    I saw this product on sale after my bf and I had a fight for accidentally putting my other toy in the laundry machine 🤦 This is yet the best peace offering he bought for me. I was so excited using this. It's really fun for the both of us to use. It's super quiet and actually charges so fast. I love the feature of having magnetic like charger it's so convenient. This is my first toy that is rechargeable and waterproof. At some point I thank my bf for ruining my fav toy coz if not I couldn't experience the wildest pleasure I could ever imagine ( so far).

  13. Frances
    Best purchase ever! I can't keep my mouth shut about this love toy! I have a difficult relationship with my body and sex just because of abuse I experienced as a kid and as an adult. Orgasms are hard to come by (never with a partner) and very far in between. But this gives me toe-curling, mind-altering, mood-boosting orgasm each and everytime. A little hard to connect to bluetooth on the phone but still my favorite.

  14. JV
    When I knew that this can be controlled long distance, I decided to buy this as my first love toy. Luckily, this was on a flash sale on Aug. 7-8, 2021. ♥️ Then, I had no more hesitation. I placed my order on the Aug. 7 at around 12AM-1AM because the admin reminded me that flash sales usually get sold out pretty quickly. I opted to have it gift wrapped just in case my brother will open the parcel. It's really discreet! When it arrived, we had a hard time trying to set the app to connect to my boyfriend's app. 😅 But when we're all set already, it was like magic when we used it. He controlled it through the app. The vibration is sooo goood and it's not that loud. It's better to have it lubed before inserting. 💦 It's easy to clean and dry the toy also. The downside is on the phone, it drains the battery faster. But this toy is perfect for LDR couples and even for solo play. I'm very happy for this! ♥️

  15. eeee
    Super thrilled I caught this item on sale. Besides the visual appeal of its smooth design, it's so much more silent than I expected, and has a great selection of manual settings. The bulbous end of the shaft is pretty wide and does need some lube to be inserted comfortably, but once it's in there, it's a very snug fit. The clitoral stimulator sits nicely, adjusts well to my vulva, and can really get things going with a little added pressure on certain areas/at certain angles. Also, I had no idea I would enjoy app control so much, but it turns out I do! The wide tip of the insertable portion makes it so that the toy doesn't pop out on its own during hands-free sessions, so controlling it from your mobile device is a breeze. While using it with the app, I'm able to move myself into different positions and in various motions without having to keep a single hand on the toy to make sure it stays in. So far, I've had lots of fun experimenting with my own sequences, checking out pre-made ones, as well as connecting it to my Spotify, but there's still a whole bunch of other features I've yet to test out. It takes a bit of getting used to, but app compatibility really does allow for fresh sensations any time you want them. Even without it, all manual modes on the toy are perfectly enough on their own as you still have the freedom to mix and match different intensities/patterns from each of the motors. And of course, using this rabbit solely for external stimulation on days you just wanna bust one out real quick works wonders too. For a first-time vibrator owner, I'd say this is a very versatile and enjoyable choice.

  16. Playful Princess
    This is my first rabbit. I was worried that my parts wouldn't line up or work with it but now I wish I got it sooner. Compared to a vibrator and dildo, it takes less effort and stays in place. It's also flexible enough to slightly adjust to your body. I tried using it internally and externally. The motors are very powerful and the shaft is a good size and length to experiment. No problems encountered with the app. Also, I can finally keep track of the battery. No more surprise dying in the middle of a play session.

  17. Mel
    I scored this during the Aug 7-8 flash sale. I gotta say this is the best sex toy I ever bought. I'm inlove with it! The Satisfyer Connect app allows my long-distance boyfriend to control the toy and it spiced up our relationship ever more. 😍 So happy I found this shop! Hoping to score more toys from you soon! ♥️♥️♥️

  18. C
    Shipping was fast. Product was amazing my GF loved it. Love the app that you can use with it.

  19. C
    Got this for my LDR GF. It’s amazing. It shipped quickly too which was great.

  20. A
    My first anything (note to first-timers: check the diameter!), but it’s user-friendly and all around an excellent product. Bluetooth connection for the app took some figuring out but the effort was very much worth it. Little to no lube necessary. Kudos to Lauvette for making this available and being discreet and incredibly easy to transact with.

  21. S
    This is my first toy and I found my first time using this to be a life-changing experience omg. The app is pretty cool to use, I think I reached the first big O among many in under 2 minutes. Still need to play with the different settings to enjoy it longer :p

  22. Patricia
    Allows my long distance relationship with my boyfriend more exciting❤️ Boyfriend gave this as a gift and he and i Can’t wait to purchase more products from Lauvette! awesome customer service, too :)

  23. Rae
    Got this as a christmas gift from my aussie boyfriend and very happy with it!!! My bf and I now enjoy more our quality time even we’re apart. The app is so easy to use and have so many features! I just wished we knew about this shop sooner! ❤️ Totally worth the price! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you lauvette! ☺️

Satisfyer Mono FlexSatisfyer Mono Flex
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