Check out all the different brands we have in store for you! We’ve selected these brands not just for their top-quality products, but because they also align with our beliefs and advocacies about sexual health, wellness, and education.

  • Are brands important?
    Some people like to get to know the brands taht they purchase from. They like knowing the advocacies specific brands stand for, what the purpose of their products are, and getting to know the minds behind the brand.
  • Do you only stock foreign brands?
    No. We do stock local brands, as well. Our priority is to find brands that fit our brand and can provide our customers with items they need or want.
  • Which brand is perfect for me?
    Explore all the brand pages we have laid out for you so can see and figure out which brands will work best for you. You may find that a single brand suits all your needs, or you may find that you find pleasure in a couple of different ones.

What are the brands Lauvette carries?

You can see the selection of brands that we carry earlier on this page or on the ‘Brands’ tab of the homepage. We are constantly on the lookout for more innovative sexual wellness brands that we can make more accessible to you, so make sure you check in often!

Brand Commendations and Awards

Each brand has its own merits and achievements. They provide products that benefit your sexual health and wellness. Get to know the brands more on their pages on the Lauvette site to see which ones resonate with you best.

Quality and Material

As with everything we do here at Lauvette, we do our best to ensure the best quality. That goes for the brands we partner with and carry on our site. They use body-safe materials that feel luxurious and are top-quality. We strive to introduce you to brands and products that mix innovation and design in their products.

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