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Satisfyer Pro 2+

4.94 out of 5 based on 18 customer ratings
(18 customer reviews )

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Spoil yourself with breathtaking orgasms. The Satisfyer Pro 2+ is equipped with innovative air pulse technology, which can send gentle or intense waves of pleasure to your body.

  • Size: length 6.5″ / width 1.8″ / height 2.5″
  • Material: body-safe silicone & ABS plastic
  • Clitoral vibrator and clit-sucker in one
  • Powered by Air Pulse Technology; stimulates the clitoris without direct contact
  • Features 11 clit-suction modes & 10 vibration modes
  • Rechargeable (USB magnetic charging cable included)
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Waterproof

Stock is available

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    Sucking ModeSucking Mode

    Various VibrationVarious Vibration


    Know More

    Satisfyer Pro 2+ Features

    Known as one of the best-selling clit suckers in the Satisfyer brand, the Satisfyer Pro 2+ features unique air-pulse technology, stimulating your clitoris with gentle suction and vibration sensations. Made from skin-friendly silicone and body-safe ABS plastic, this luscious toy can bring your body into pure bliss. It comes with 11 pressure wave modes and 10 vibration frequencies, ensuring that there’s a mode that will match your preference. And if you plan to bring this toy in the shower, no worries as this stunning clit sucker is waterproof. So go ahead, indulge in explosive orgasms with this sleek toy.

    How to Use this Toy?

    Just got your own Satisfyer Pro 2+ toy? Great! Now, for starters, charge your toy using the USB magnetic charging cable. For more deets about the charging process, we suggest reading the manual that’s included in the packaging. Once the toy’s all charged up, turn on the toy by pressing the power button for a few seconds. You may hear a light buzz once the toy’s on. After that, put the opening of the toy in your clitoral area. Now, for this part, we suggest dabbing some water-based lubricant on your clitoris for a smoother and more pleasurable groove. To change the pleasure wave/suction modes, press the plus (+) and minus (-) signs. On the other hand, if you want to use the vibration feature, press the button with the wave icon for a few seconds. Then, change the vibe modes by pressing the same button. Enjoy the pulsating sensations! Once you’re done, clean up the toy and store it in a satin or velvet pouch.

    Care Instruction

    Warm water and mild soap

    Clean with warm water and mild soap.

    Lint-free cloth or towel

    Pat dry with lint-free cloth or towel.

    Satin pouch

    Pack in a linen/silk/satin pouch.


    Do not use acid-cleaner or brush.

    Power Plug

    Make sure water does not go inside the switch or charging port.

    Cooling Fan

    Store in a cool dry place.

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    4.94 out of 5
    (18) Reviews
    1. August
      I started off with the Jellybean Clit Sucker (also from Lauvette 😌) last year. It was my go-to, my side-table bitch, and my all around favorite toy. Eventually tho I started looking for more. After tons of YouTube videos and reviews, I finally gave in to this bad girl. Like any other new toy I had before, I had to get used to it first. It definitely wasn’t the love at first use kinda toy. I thought it was too powerful for me. But after a few weeks of getting to know it and learning what I like, I think that this toy is my #1 now. When used and placed on the bean, it’s a little loud, but noise aside, it feels like heaven. I cum in less than five minutes. My orgasms are so strong and when used during sex with my bf or alone with a dildo, I leak cum like crazy. My bf loves it and I love it. Win-win. This is an essential.

    2. Chi
      I watched a lot of video reviews about this product before buying it, and I definitely would recommend it too! This is a game-changer! Haven't felt that clitoral orgasm before!

    3. Manic
      4/5 would recommend. Does the job and is mind blowing like they say it is. I'd give a 5 star ratinh if it weren't so hard to clean it but overall would recommend. Lauvette is also excellent in discretley delivering their packages as well.

    4. little J
      This toy is the ultimate game changer!! I started off with a charlotte clit sucker a year ago and I’ve been using it since. I was already satisfied with it until I got this baby. Thank goodness I bought it when it was on sale!!! Don’t regret buying it at all!!! It was so worth it! The sucking tech was beyond awesome! I always start off with the low setting and work my way up the setting slowly. It doesnt even take me five minutes to O. It’s that fucking amazing! I also love how it is completely waterproof so its very easy to clean. It’s also pretty quiet, even quieter than the charlotte! Oh thanks a bunch Lauvette. I’m never disappointed with the toys and service. Will recommend this to my kinky friends hahahaha

    5. L A
      Got this on sale, it was really a steal! The sucking action complemented by the vibration is really the best mode. Totally satisfying! :D

    6. What???!???
      Totoo and chismis! This baby right here 🥴!! Made me had multiple Os without even lifting a finger! I never thought I could even squeeet on my own! Best purchase this year. I lauvette 💘. (ps. best used when lying down 😉)

    7. Adc
      This is our second purchase from lauvette, the first one we had is satisfyer high fly, this clut sucker is way better then our 1st toy. Good investment specially if your partner is having a hard time reaching orgasm through vaginal penetration.

    8. Em
      Perfect gift for my LDR wife who loved cumming by stimulating her clit. She loved how it made her orgasms more intense. Perfect when partnered with a dildo. 😉

    9. Quinn
      I tried the One Night Stand before committing to a clit pulsator toy. I decided to get this coz it has vibration and pulsation. Though, I find myself using the pulsation modes more than the vibrations. Also, you can remove the white silicone for easy cleaning. I also love the shape of the toy coz I can grip it easily. This is my first toy from Lauvette and it's a hassle free transaction. Lauvette ♥

    10. iniewinnie
      Glad to have this..my first toy,his idea... I thought i won't like it ... But I love it now😂 it satisfy me a lot quick and easy.... He loves seeing how it comes😃 and I love how it works...

    11. J Cee
      My first toy from Lauvette and this brand, and man this little sucker (pun intended) got me shaking with pleasure. Been itching to feel that sucking sensation and this did not disappoint. I may have found a trusted inanimate bestie from this one. The packaging's discreet and that "next day delivery" option though honestly added to my excitement more... *chef's kiss*

    12. bea
      I love this product! I had the Satisfyer Traveler before I decided to try the Pro and the experience is really different. This one is more pleasurable because of the sucking + vibration. 5 stars!

    13. bb
      I love this! I had the Satisfyer Traveler before I decided to try this one out and the experience is really different. The Pro 2 was more intense and pleasurable because of the sucking + vibration. 5 stars!

    14. KS
      I love this purchase. The sucking sensation alone is so intense that I dont even bother using the vibration mode anymore. However, the machine inside seems to be loose and moves in its place now and then. Everything works tho so I'm not sure if it's just meant to be that way. Still a good buy overall and would recommend.

    15. Sia
      I used the toy without warming up first (as in, getting in “the mood”) but after a minute or so of having it there, i was already on the edge. had to stop myself a couple times to enjoy it. it feels really different from a traditional vibrator and it’s an experience only toys like this can give. overall, love the product and it’s definitely a good buy!

    16. Katrina
      Let me tell you, this toy is the answer to all your doubts about reaching the big O! Before this, I don’t really know how to masturbate and never brought myself to climax. But with this, gurl, I SQUIRTED several times already!!! (First time to squirt ever!!) 😎☺️😱 Yeah my mind was blown but as the same time amazed at my capacity to pleasure myself by my own, of course with the help of the satisfyer pro2+! No regrets investing in this high quality toy!!! Thank you lauvette for bringing satisfyer to ph! More power!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    17. J
      I love love love everything about my experience in lauvette!! ❤️ This satisfyer is indeed the best choice there is! I climax every single time I use this. This also made me squirt which is such an amazing feeling for me. It makes me feel very empowered being in control with my own body and pleasure! 🥰 Thank you and more power Lauvette!!!!

    18. Faye
      Been looking for this for so long ever since I saw a blog thread about this international brand! Im very happy that lauvette brought this here to the philippines ❤️❤️❤️ Bought this right away and was delivered the next day agad!!! Satisfaction guaranteed talaga just like your tagline! ❤️ Thanksieees lauvette!!❤️ You’re really the best sex toy shop in the country!! Very efficient in delivery, beautiful website, great advocacies and have premium and warranty covered products! Thank you for existing!! 😘☺️🥰 recommended to friends na!!! ❤️

    Satisfyer Pro 2+Satisfyer Pro 2+
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