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Satisfyer Pro Traveler

4.87 out of 5 based on 15 customer ratings
(15 customer reviews )

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Portable, chic, and will make your knees go weak. The Satisfyer Pro Traveler is a compact clit-sucking toy packed with 11 pleasure wave modes– perfect for spontaneous sexcapades. It features Satisfyer’s proprietary Air-Pulse Technology that stimulates the clitoris using intense pressure waves without direct contact.

  • Size: length 3.9″ / width 1.4″
  • Material: skin-friendly silicone & ABS plastic
  • Powered by Air Pulse Technology; provides touch-free stimulation on the clit
  • 11 pulsating pressure wave modes
  • Ergonomic shape & compact perfect for travelling
  • Has a sleek magnetic cap for extra discreteness
  • Rechargeable (USB magnetic charging cable included)
  • Low noise & waterproof

Stock is available

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    Sucking ModeSucking Mode


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    Satisfyer Pro Traveler Features

    Bring the lust in Wanderlust with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. This compact clit sucker comes in a chic look– a sleek aubergine body with rose gold lining. Its small size also makes it an ideal companion when traveling, since it fits with every handbag. And if you’re worried that someone might check upon your handbag, no worries as this luscious sex toy comes with a magnetic cap, ensuring that your toy will be protected from snooping eyes, as well as from dust and dirt. As for the features, this clit-sucking vibe has 11 powerful yet whisper-quiet suction modes. It’s also waterproof, so you can play with this clit sucker in the shower if you want to. If you’re someone that loves the feeling of getting eaten out, this will surely be your perfect travel buddy.

    How to Use this Toy?

    Got yourself a Satisfyer Pro Traveler? Great! Now, before playing this luscious clit sucker, charge this toy first. This will ensure that you’ll get uninterrupted fun during the deed. Just connect the magnetic charging cable to the toy and connect the USB to your preferred power source (please see the manual for further details). Once you’re done charging the toy, take off the cap and turn on the toy by pressing the plus (+) button for a few seconds. Once you hear that light whirring sound, you can apply some water-based lube in the opening of the clit sucker. After that, put the opening of the toy right on your clitoris. To change pleasure wave modes, just press the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. Enjoy the spellbinding sensations! Once you’re done playing this clit sucker, clean it and store the toy in a velvet or satin pouch.

    Care Instruction

    Warm water and mild soap

    Clean with warm water and mild soap.

    Lint-free cloth or towel

    Pat dry with lint-free cloth or towel.

    Satin pouch

    Pack in a linen/silk/satin pouch.


    Do not use acid-cleaner or brush.

    Power Plug

    Make sure water does not go inside the switch or charging port.

    Cooling Fan

    Store in a cool dry place.

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    4.87 out of 5
    (15) Reviews
    1. J
      This product is amazing! It is my first clit sucker coming from the typical vibrator and i am BLOWN AWAY! ❤️ More power to Satisfyer! All great products so far!

    2. p.
      Bought it on sale and this is the best toy ever! This is my first clit sucker and have completely switched to using this exclusively over other toys. Love the discreet design, this is definitely a must buy.

    3. Happy & Satisfied
      My first ever toy and I’m so glad I picked this one. The vibrations are intense that I squirted for the first time ever. Got this on sale and it’s definitely worth every peso. A must have in a lady’s self-love kit.😉

    4. Cee
      Have always been skeptical about these suckers for quite some time so when I saw one on sale, I thought “y not?” Sobrang bagsak presyo na, malalaman ko pa what’s the deal with these toys. Fear not my friends, this toy is a total BADASS. My gf and I felt like we were getting our souls sucked off our bodies, can literally make your legs go jelly, and I think I may have *almost* squirted sa sobrang intense. And even better? Totally waterproof, casing is discreet, so if you and your partner would like to enjoy some wild sex, you can even carry this outside without anyone noticing (unless may ganito rin kakilala mo lol). Basta mga beshywap, if naghesitate pa kayo or looking to get your first clit sucker toy, this one is a MUST-HAVE. Thanks Lauvette! Third toy na namin from your shop and will keep getting more. Better to shop here sa site than Shopee or Lazada kasi they always offer exclusive discounts on your next purchase.

    5. May
      My clit wentaldjbelalfhslnqpxoneveitxjam I was skeptical at first if I should get a clit sucker, but I'm glad I saw it on sale so I could get it and see what's the deal. I'm glad I got one. It was quite too intense, made my legs jelly and it felt like my clit got a workout and it broke. 🥵 I'll definitely get another Satisfyer product next time 💯

    6. anon
      I used to be skeptical of the Traveler, even though I’ve read countless positive reviews praising it. But then I tried it for myself, and wow 😳 I shouldn’t have doubted those reviews 😂 The orgasms I had were so intense, and really different from the ones I have with regular vibrators or dildos. I love how easy it is to have multiple orgasms with the Traveler. I love the size of it too; I was worried that it would be uncomfortable to hold, but it fits surprisingly well in my (small-ish) hand. It’s not perfect, though: sometimes it’s hard to change the intensity, because the buttons are facing my body. The magnetic cover keeps it clean but not 100% discreet, since the charging pins and the Satisfyer logo are still visible. Still, the Traveler’s 11 intensities and wide mouth will be able to satisfy (haha) a lot of clits. I know mine was, and maybe yours will be too!

    7. X
      This is my first ever toy and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made (along with lube), especially during this pandemic. No partner in sight? No problem! This clit sucker gave me an out of body experience. I orgasmed so many times, I had such a long, restful sleep after. Perfect for first-timers, those who are more stimulated by the clit/get off on rubbing, and those who haven’t been penetrated in a while. Has 11 modes (and increases each time) but you have to experiment and build it gradually. It doesn’t exactly feel like someone going down on you in the beginning but when you increase the levels… holy-hell… the pulses feel like it’s sucking my clit and soul (in the best way). The controls are easy to use. If your hand gets tired of holding it, you can squeeze it between your legs. Easy to clean (and hide), discreet, and sleek.

    8. E
      This was my first time knowing about clit suckers (actually about all the other types of toys as well since i am fairly new and have only tried a cheap vibrator before, thank goodness my boyfriend was also supportive enough and stumbled on Lauvette and encouraged me to browse and buy 🥰) and i was lucky enough to get this one during the sale period. Lo and behold i am speechless or rather I couldn’t help but be amazed to reach one of my best orgasms, no kidding. This clit sucker atleast for me is that powerful 🔥 So so so happy with my purchase! Having my most fun while the bf and i are not able to meet as frequently as we would like at the moment. Oh, and i’m so excited to try this with him also next time we meet! ❤️💦

    9. C
      This is my first manual clit sucker; I’ve always leaned towards app-enabled ones but got this because it looks travel-friendly and sleek af. Just like my app-controlled toys, this tiny but mighty Satisfyer brought me to the big O really fast! I’ve had several strong orgasms thanks to this cutie! Finally, a toy I can easily bring with me when away from home 💖💖💖 Highly recommended especially for those who are on the go!!

    10. RO
      Looks totally innocent and thanks to the design you can leave it lying around. Although you’ll soon want it back in your hand ;) Easy to use and easy to clean too. Highly recommend!!!

    11. AJ
      I got it on a Flash Sale but let me start this review with "If you got the money, then go for it." Really, it may seem expensive at first glance but it's so worth it. Its design is sleek and unsuspecting, I literally charge it in our living room and the other people I live with don't notice it. That also makes the toy easy to carry everywhere; you won't be far away with a toy anymore during vacations! It has varying levels of "suction/vibration," and can be used not only at your Clitoris but also in other sensitive spots! Highly recommended, even for beginners (this is my first clit sucker, actually, I used to only get dildos). Perfect for those who are not a fan of penetrative masturbation.

    12. Sel
      my first ever clit sucker and i am in LOOOVEEE i opted for this one since it's super sleek and you wouldn't think sucker siya kung nakita mo siya :)) literal pwede mo isaksak sa bag mo at dalhin kahit saan haha. medyo mahina lang para sakin yung mga first 2 o 3 modes/intensities, so napapa 4-5 at doon ako tama lang, 6 rin pero nakaka 🥵🥵 na pag biglaan. its nice to ramp it up slowly :) also fits well in my hand lalo na kasi maliit kamay ko, tas di rin siya nakakangawit :)) overall very satisfied with this product and with lauvette's delivery and packaging!! sa susunod ulit para sa iba naman haha

    13. JD
      Very happy with my purchase! Lauvette also has excellent customer service and guided me in choosing the best satisfyer for me :) I like the design of this cos it has a cover and it looks very discreet!! I can bring this to me everywhere as it just looks like a makeup or gadget. As to the performance, this toy made me reach the big o like I've never experienced before!!!

    14. Bcde
      Highly impressed with the customer service. The people running this business are easily reachable, and responds fast to queries. They are also flexible and able to accommodate to customer's requests. It was a pleasure doing business with them because they take care of their clients really well. Delivery is also fast. Rider who delivered the product is polite. I got this product for me because of the design, the promise of it being waterproof and quiet vibration. Product arrived in excellent condition, stored in 2 boxes. I even got a freebie (Many thanks, Lauvette!). The only downside is I am unable to use the product. I was actually given a replacement already (hence, the great feedback for Lauvette), but I still cannot get it to work.

    15. Helena
      The satisfyer traveler exceeds expectations! The design is sleek, discreet and compact. I’m in love! 😍 Tried it last night and I climaxed within a minute! Worth ever penny! ☺️Lastly, impressed with the customer service ad fast delivery! Keep it up! ❤️

    Satisfyer Pro TravelerSatisfyer Pro Traveler
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