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Realistic Dildo

Are the nights getting colder as time goes on? Craving for vitamin "D," but don't wanna endure the hookup scene? It's okay. Don't force yourself on the dating sphere if you're not ready. Besides, some pleasure products are ready to satisfy your sensual cravings. No stress, just pure bliss. Plus, you're not at risk of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections! One of those toys is the realistic dildo, a pleasure device that'll keep you riding and cumming all night. Learn more about this sex toy below.

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What is a Realistic Dildo?

A realistic dildo, as the name implies, is a type of dildo that looks and feels like a penis. It comes with all the luscious details of a schlong, from its plump balls to the seductive tapered tip. There are even models that come with a dual-skin texture, which means holding it feels like you're actually holding an erect penis. Made with silicone or cyberskin, this dildo is a crowd favorite due to its alluring look and unmatched firmness.

Also, most realistic dildos have suction cup bases so you can practice different sex positions with them.

Using a realistic dildo is quick and easy. First, take a moment to familiarize yourself with your realistic dildo. Appreciate its lifelike texture, size, and shape. This will help you get into that sultry mood. Next, grab your favorite water-based lubricant and apply it generously in the shaft. Once warmed up, insert the dildo into your vagina or anus, and move it back and forth. For a better experience, use the tapered tip to stimulate your g-spot 2-3 inches deep into the anterior vaginal wall.

If you want to take it up a notch, stick the dildo into a tiled floor and start riding it! Reapply lube if needed. And if the dildo is strap harness compatible, you can attach the toy and spoil your partner with intense vaginal or anal action. There's so much you can do with this luscious toy!

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Why Should You Try a Realistic Dildo

Most people don't get a realistic dildo for fear of someone finding out, like their sister or housekeeper trying to find someone else in their bedroom. But here's the thing, there are sex toy pouches that could help you store realistic dongs. Not only that, but you're missing out on the benefits that this sex toy could offer. First, their visual and tactile appeal creates an immersive experience, with lifelike details such as veiny shafts and pronounced heads. These dildos are designed to replicate the sensations of real penetration, taking you on a wild journey to o-land.

Aside from realistic pleasure, this dildo gives a sense of reassuring comfort. Most models can also be used for anal and vaginal play, catering to diverse desires and preferences. Including a suction cup base adds an extra dimension to the experience, helping people experience penetrative sex in a new way.

Beyond the orgasmic sensations, realistic dildos can also play a significant role in affirming gender identities. It offers the person to see and experience a realistic representation of their desired anatomy, which can be a powerful form of validation for some. Not everyone is like this, though, but it's nice to have given people whose gender identity doesn't match their sex at birth an option. Learn more about the benefits of a realistic dildo below.

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Realistic Look and Feel

One of the highlights of this dildo is its visual and tactile appeal. Looking at it can ignite heightened arousal and desire, awakening your senses as you touch its firm balls and veiny shaft. It's also carefully crafted to mimic the sensations of real penetration, perfect for those who want to feel like they're banging the real thing. The raised veins, pronounced head, and supple material will create orgasmic bliss like never before.

comfortable familiarity

Comfortable Familiarity

Though fantasy dildos are cool and all, some people are not comfortable with having a unicorn or dragon dildo being thrusted in their genitals. They prefer the familiar shape and feel of a realistic dildo, as it gives that sense of comfort during the deed.

It's like feeling the warmth of a trusted lover, bringing a reassuring presence to your experiences. Sometimes, we all just wanted to replicate lovemaking, and realistic dildos are doing a good job with that.

remarkable versatility

Remarkable Versatility

Another benefit of using realistic dongs is their versatility. Most models can be used for anal and vaginal play. You can also stick the suction cup base on a tiled surface and start having rowdy dildo sex. And if you want to bring your partner in the fun, you can use a strap-on harness and peg them into oblivion. You can explore and experience pleasure in a way that feels most satisfying to you.

helps reaffirming genderb identities

Helps Reaffirming Gender Identities

For people whose physical bodies don't match their gender identity, using a realistic dildo during the deed can be a powerful validation. Seeing and experiencing a realistic representation of their desired anatomy creates a sense of authenticity and self-acceptance. However, not everyone relies on a realistic dildo to affirm their gender identities. Each of us has unique ways to do so.

realistic dildo comes in different shapes and sizes

Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes

One of the best things about realistic dildos is that they allow exploring different penis sizes and shapes. There are a multitude of realistic dongs in the market. Let's say your partner has a slim schlong, and you would want to feel how a chunkier dick would feel; you don't have to resort to dating somebody else or cheating, as there's a dildo that could satiate that curiosity. Having that liberation can feel empowering.


Want to try out a realistic dildo? You're in for an orgasmic treat. If you want our opinion on what to get, we'll be happy to help you. Let's start with this bestselling from the local brand, Dakila. The DAKILA Juan Dildo is a rockstar in bed that will fulfill your naughty wishes. This 9-inch dong comes with veiny textures in the shaft and plump balls. It also has a tapered tip for g-spot stimulation.

Another bestseller from the same brand is the DAKILA Ryan Dildo, which is a bit shorter than its twin. It also has a tapered tip for g-spot stimulation, plus a suction base for hands-free plays. You won't get bored in the bedroom once you've tried these bad boys out! Better yet, get them both for an unforgettable double-penetration experience. There's also the Juno Remote-Controlled Vibrating Dildo which combines an authentic look and strong vibrations to take you on an orgasmic journey. This luscious dong has an 8-inch shaft, 20 high-powered vibrations, a bendable structure, a strong suction cup base, and remote control.

Types & Variations

Realistic dildos come in different shapes and sizes. There are average-sized ones, the big ones, and those in between. Additionally, you'll find variations in shaft thickness, curvature, and head shape, allowing you to choose a dildo that matches your desired stimulation. Another variation in this type of dildo is the material used; most units have silicone surfaces, while others use cyberskin, albeit more expensive than silicone ones.

Realistic dildos also offer a range of color options to cater to individual preferences, including different shades of light, medium, or dark. Some models also feature details like veins, freckles, or other realistic markings. Some are uncircumcised and circumcised as well. As for those seeking extra stimulation, there are vibrating realistic dildos available. Some dongs have a built-in o-ring that can be securely attached to a harness, enabling hands-free penetration for partnered play. Whatever you want in a realistic dildo, there's definitely a dong that could fulfill that!

Rock Your World (and Bed!)

Realistic dildos bring an authentic experience to the bedroom, allowing individuals to indulge in the sensations of real penetration. They provide comfort, familiarity, and versatility, helping you and others embrace erotic curiosity and experience pleasure on one's own terms. Not only that, but this type of dong can be an invaluable tool for individuals who are exploring their gender identities. Lauvette, the premier sexual wellness provider in the Philippines, offers an inclusive range of realistic dildos. Please scroll up to see what's available in our collection. Happy shopping!

"Ancient Greeks created olisbokollikes, which are dildos made from bread."
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