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Realistic Dildos

Realistic Dildos

If you want a love toy that could make you feel like you’re actually having sex, then go for realistic dildos. All you need to do is close your eyes, hold the lubed-up dildo, and thrust it in and out of your vagina and anus.

For those unfamiliar with this sex toy, a realistic dildo is intended to look like an erect penis. Since they’re meant to be phallic-like, you can expect veins, tapered tips, and even balls included in the dildo. Some variants also come with squirting functions for added pleasure.

As for the history of realistic dildos, they have existed as early as the Old Stone Age. In fact, dildos are the oldest known ‘sex toy’ ever found. Back then, people didn’t have the means to create flesh-like dildos; they created their own Ds with wood, tar, bone, limestone, and ivory. But as time went on, more materials have been invented, and the sex toy industry grew, resulting in dildo with better and body-safe materials.

If you’re interested in getting realistic dildos, check out our wide selection above. We’re the trusted sex toy shop in the Philippines, providing discreet shipping nationwide.

Why You Should Use Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are the perfect sex toys for those that are into vaginal and anal penetration. They provide the feeling of fullness that you wouldn’t get from other types of dildos. Not only that, but it features a tapered tip which is great for g-spot stimulation.

Most variants also come with a suction cup base, enabling you to use it in different positions. Missionary? Doggy? Woman on top? You can indulge in all of these positions during your solo play, thanks to realistic dildos.

Another great thing about realistic dildos is that you can use them for solo or couple play. If you’re into pegging, just use a harness and get wild all night. If you want to experience double penetration, you can ask your partner to thrust a dildo in your anus/vagina as they penetrate you with their penis/strap-on. Realistic dildos don’t also require charging, so if you want a go-to sex toy without any waiting time, definitely check this one out.

Bestselling Realistic Dildos

Interested in getting your own realistic dildo? Great! We know that it can be overwhelming to just pick one from our shop, so we’re here to help you out. We’ve listed some of the bestselling realistic dildos on the shop; see if there’s a dildo that matches your preferences.

First on the list is the Hypnos Cumming Softee Dildo. It provides hypnotic waves of pleasure, featuring a flesh-like texture and bulbous tip. What makes this a standout is its squirting capabilities. Just pour some water-based lube into its pump, squeeze the pump, and let your body engage in some squirting fun.

Another bestseller in the shop is the Hickey Dildo. It’s a translucent dildo with a sleek design and a strong suction cup base. If you’re a newbie in dildo play, we suggest starting with this one.

Then there’s the Mighty Thannos Dildo. This 8-incher is gonna make you experience blissful orgasms in a snap. It’s also designed with a suction base, allowing you to try various positions with it.

Care & Maintenance

Taking care of realistic dildos is pretty simple: use the right sexual lubricant and clean it properly. As long as you’re doing that two vital steps, you can assure a longer lifespan for your sex toy.

To know what kind of lubricant is suitable for your realistic dildo, check the material first. If your toy is made with silicone or cyberskin, your best bet is water-based lube. Steer away from silicone-based or oil-based lubes; it’ll only deteriorate the toy’s surface, making it prone to bacteria and other irritants.

As for the cleaning process, we also suggest checking the toy’s material to find its suitable cleaning method. Realistic dildos made with silicone can be washed with mild soap and water.On the other hand, cyberskin dildos can only be rinsed with water. For a more convenient cleaning process, we suggest going for a sex toy cleaner instead.

Once you’re done washing your toy, dry it up, then store it inside a velvet or satin toy pouch. After that, put the covered toy in a cool and secure spot.

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