Luv Egg

Luv Egg is a brand that’s perfect for those that are beginners in the world of sex toys and pelvic floor training. There are a selection of beautiful vibrators to choose from. Crack the code to pleasure with a Luv Egg.

  • Why should I purchase a Luv Egg?
    Luv Eggs welcome you to the world of pleasure toys with pretty pastels and straight-forward controls. They’re easy to use for you and your partner, while still delivering pleasure like a pro.
  • Are pelvic floor exercises important?
    Working out your pelvic floor muscles are just as important as working out the rest of your body. Strong pevlic floor muscles can help make sex and orgasms even better. Grab a Luv Egg and start strengthening those essential, yet neglected, muscles.
  • Why are Luv Egg products the ones for me?
    Luv Egg toys are straightforward and pretty. They prioritize pleasure and simplicity in one go, and achieve it easily. Sometimes, you don’t want all the fuss that too many bells and whistles come with. A Luv Egg is for you is all you want is an easy way to achieve pleasure.

What is Luv Egg?

Luv Eggs are an accessible brand for women and couples getting into the wonderful world of sex toys! The colorful eggs are equipped with multiple vibrations settings that are covered with soft silicone and a remote-control that allows you or your partner to control your pleasure.

Luv Egg’s Commendations

Luv Egg’s products are few but well-researched, and well-created. So it’s no surprise that there are rave reviews all over the internet. Grab yourself a Luv Egg and see why everyone can’t get enough of these little treats.

Quality and Material

Luv Egg remote-controlled vibrators are made of supple, soft, body-safe silicone. They’re rechargeable and equipped with a strong motor that delivers powerful pleasure at the push of a button.

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