Pleasure is the state of being pleased, delighted, or gratified. Whether you find pleasure in wholesome activities like reading, swimming, learning, or more carnal interests like masturbation and sex, pleasure is a great thing. Lauvette exists to provide you with the means to chase your sexual pleasures to fulfillment. Achieving those orgasms can mean you need more than our variety of sex toys, condoms, lubricants, gels, balms, and other stimulants.

  • What is pleasure?
    Pleasure refers to experiences that make you feel good and gives you enjoyment from doing something. Sexual pleasure can be mixed with pain and suffering, or it can be pure ecstasy.
  • What are the benefits of sexual pleasure?
    Sex, sexuality, and sexual pleasure are all parts of life. Sex should be an enjoyable experience and sexual pleasure is important in making that so. Sexual pleasure can help you de-stress. Sexual pleasure experienced with a partner can make you both feel closer to each other and create an intimate connection.
  • How does sex affect the human body?
    Sex can lower blood pressure, increase libido, strengthen the heart, and burn calories. People with active sex lives can reduce the risk of heart disease and usually have better dietary habits than those who are less sexually active.

Pleasure Products

People have different sex drives and they can change based on things like stress, prescribed medication, and other physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors.

Sexual pleasure can create a stronger connection with your partner. It also has a lot of health benefits. Orgasms give you a natural high, endorphins can help block pain and make you feel good. Sex shouldn’t be sought out for the sole purpose of reproduction, but of pleasure as well. It can be about intimacy, too. Some people can find spiritual benefits to having sex.


Pleasure can be brought about by stimulants like lubricant and gels that allow you to achieve a smoother sexual experience. They’re usually applied on the genitals or the bum to make penetration less painful – whether you’re using a sex toy or a penis. Booster capsules are another type of stimulant that is popular. Erection boosters can help you sustain longer, firmer erections for longer sex session. Anal relaxant sprays are specifically made to allow for a better anal sex adventure.

Different Products For Boosted Sexual Pleasure

There are different types of stimulates and sex toys to choose from when looking into upgrading your sex game. From sex toys there the classic vibrators, dildos, anal beads and clit suckers. All these toys aim to stimulate different erogenous zones on your body.

And as for stimulants, there’s the classic would be the lubricants and gels which helps you get a smoother groove during sex, these are particularly applied on the genitals and the bum to reduce discomfort during penetration with a penis or a toy. Another type of stimulant are capsules like an erection booster capsule. This type of stimulant helps you get a firmer and longer-lasting erection for longer, steamier plays. Going for some backdoor fun? Prep your bum with an anal relaxtion spray. It provides a cooling sensation on your anal region, helping it to relax during the deed. All these and more stimulants are available in the Lauvette shop!

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