Fleshlight is a masturbatory aid brand that manufactures artificial vaginas, oral, and anal sex toys. They’ve become synonymous with male masturbators and for good reason! They create masturbators that offer the shaft intense pleasure experiences solely with the use of their unique textures inside the sleeves. Fleshlight products are created so you can achieve an intimate experience for yourself with yourself.

  • Why should I purchase a Fleshlight?
    Fleshlight has taken over the masturbator world, most people feel that Fleshlight is synonymous with mastrubator sleeves. If you’re looking for a sex toy that is also iconic in the industry, Fleshlight is for you.
  • Are all Fleshlight products the same?
    They’re the same in the sense that they’re made with top quality materials to provide you with pleasure and satisfaction. But every masturbator from Fleshlight is designed differently to suit each individual’s wants and needs from a masturbator.
  • Why are Fleshlight products the ones for me?
    Fleshlight products are made for your pleasure. They also create masturbators that help you become a better lover with units designed to train your stamina and stroke game.

What is Fleshlight?

The Fleshlight was created as a device for discreet sperm collection by Steve Shubin. He was granted the patent in July 1998. The name Fleshlight was derived from the flesh-like material that is used in its inner sleeve and the plastic housing. Fleshlight products were purposefully designed to look like a flashlight.

Fleshlight’s Commendations

Fleshlight has become the standard for masturbators around the globe. Aside from the numerous awards Fleshlight has garnered since its conception, everyday individuals and pornstars alike still sing praises for their wide selection of products that don’t just deliver on design, but on experience and quality, too!

Quality and Material

Fleshlight has worked hard to create products that simulate the feel of real sex with the use of their trademarked Superskin material. It simulates the feel of real skin in a body-safe way. There is an adjustable venting control system that prevents the helps prevent skin breakdown and soreness post-masturbation. Thanks to the high-quality material used, Fleshlight products are also easy to clean and maintain so they can last you for years.

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