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Anal Toys For Men

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Anal Toys For Men

What Are Anal Toys For Men?

Anal play is now losing its bad rep and is slowly being experimented by men. And why won’t they? There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t explore some backdoor fun when those who tried it have been able to reach one their most intense orgasms. This isn’t anything to be surprised about since one of your most pleasurable spots—the prostate—is located just a few inches above your anus. Analtoys for men such as the plug toy and anal chain are some of the sex toys that can give your playtime an exciting twist.

Tips For Pleasurable Anal Experience

When embarking on some backdoor sexual journey, anal fingering is a good way to start. Use some lube if you must and start teasing yourself. Insert a finger or two, pause, then slowly pull it out. You can try alternating using your finger or have your partner perform an oral on your anus. Once you feel good and ready to go, you can then stick in your anal sex toy of choice. You can even stroke your penis or have your partner give you a blow job to kick it up a notch.

How To Choose An Anal Sex Toy?

Anal toys for men come in many varieties. For beginners, using analbead can give you that initial stretch you need. Try adding one bead at a time. It’ll give you a gauge on how much you can take. When you’ve reached a comfortable level, you can release the beads and experience pleasure as each bead pops out of your anus. You can also try using a butplug if you’re new to anal. From there on, you can move on to life-sized anal dilldo or a prostate massager.
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