Anal Toys For Men

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Anal Toys for Men

Anal play is now losing its bad rep and is slowly being experimented with by men. And why won’t they? There’s no good reason why you shouldn’t explore some backdoor fun when those who tried it have been able to reach one of their most intense orgasms. This isn’t anything to be surprised about since one of your most pleasurable spots—the prostate—is located just a few inches above your anus. That’s why instead of shying away from anal toys for men, let go of the inhibitions and try these pleasure devices.

Anal toys for men come in many varieties. For beginners, using anal beads can give you that initial stretch you need. It’ll give you a gauge on how much you can take. When you’ve reached a comfortable level, you can release the beads and experience pleasure as each bead pops out of your anus. You can also try using a butt plug to get yourself familiarized with how anal penetration feels. From there on, you can move on to a life-sized anal dildo or a prostate massager. So go ahead, check our catalog of beginner and advanced anal toys above and find the right anal toy for you.

  • What are the Anal toys for men?
    Anal toys for men come in many varieties. For beginners, using anal beads can give that initial stretch you need.When you’ve reached a comfortable level, you can release the beads and experience pleasure with other anal toys for men such as butt plugs or a prostate massager.
  • What are the benefits of Anal toys for men?
    Using anal toys is a surefire way to prep the anus for anal penetration and stimulation. An Anal toy can help your anal muscles adjust to penetration, assisting in a more comfortable and safer anal play.
  • Are Anal toys for men effective?
    Using anal toys can help you train your bum for anal play. Anal toys can also introduce you into the exciting world of backdoor play.

History of Anal Toys

Did you know that anal sex hasn’t always been taboo? In ancient times, anal sex is considered a normal part of sexual expression. The Moche culture of Northern Peru, during the 100AD and 800AD, has showcased anal sex through various pottery pieces. The Ancient Greeks were also famous for their architecture and mythology; they were also known for being the pioneers of anal sex.

However, the invention of anal sex toys for men and women didn’t happen until 1893, when F.E Young & Co. introduced Dr. Young’s Rectal Dilators. They weren’t marketed as sexual toys but as a treatment for various illnesses, such as constipation, acne, insomnia, and even hypomania. Eventually, it was revealed that all of their therapeutic claims are false. But people still kept using these dilators, but more for recreation instead of medication.

These rectal dilators have led to the birth of various anal sex toys for men and women. Butt play toys have slowly grown in the adult toy market and are now packed with advanced features— from vibrating capabilities up to app control.

Bestselling Anal Toys for Men

Lauvette offers affordable anal toys with premium quality. If you’re unsure of what anal toy to pick from our collection, no worries, as we’re here to help you out. Here are the bestselling anal toys for men in our shop.

First on the list is the Scorpion Prostate Massager. It’s designed not only to stimulate your prostate but also has a ring that wraps around your penis comfortably. We suggest trying this one out if you’re a bit experienced with butt toys. If not, you can opt for beginner toys first, such as the Flirty Finn Anal Plug Set. This bestseller features three pieces of slim and velvety butt plugs in varying sizes. It’s also made with a t-shaped base for easy usage.

Another bestseller on the list is the SVAKOM Primo Warming Vibrator. Created by one of the best international sex toy manufacturers, this vibe works both as a vaginal and prostate massager and controlled via remote. It also has a heating core that can warm the vibe up to thirty-eight degrees (38°C).

Care & Maintenance

When using anal toys for men, it’s essential to know the main material of the toy. This will be the basis of what lube to use and the cleaning process of the toy. If your anal toys are made from silicone, we suggest using water-based or hybrid-based lube only; silicone toys can deteriorate the surface of your toy, making it prone for bacteria to hide in there. If your anal toy is made from glass or metal, you can use water-based, silicone-based, or hybrid-based lubes.

As for the cleaning process, you can use warm water and mild soap or sex toy cleaner. However, if your anal toys have vibrating features, it’s vital to check if it’s splashproof or waterproof.

Waterproof toys can be submerged in water, making them simpler to clean. As for splashproof toys, you can only wash them by wiping a towel or washing it over running water; make sure that the water wouldn’t get to the charging port, battery-compartment, or buttons. Once the toys are all dried up, keep them in a satin or velvet pouch.

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