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Tampons & Pads

Regular menstruation can indicate good reproductive health, as your hormones are well-balanced and your body is functioning as intended. However, managing it can be difficult at times. Some may experience mood swings, intense food cravings, menstrual cramps, and other uncomfortable side effects. Not only that, but you need to keep your garments leak-free throughout those 3-to 7 days of bleeding. Though tampons and pads are readily available in groceries, they’re usually unsustainable and made with questionable materials.

Good news, though, as more companies are now offering high-quality tampons and pads. Lauvette offers tampons that are eco-friendly and more gentle on the skin. There are also reusable pads in the shop, which means you’ll save the planet and your wallet.

  • What is a tampon?
    A tampon is a menstrual hygiene product that absorbs period blood. It’s inserted in the vagina, efficiently preventing menstrual leaks. It’s usually made with soft cotton and comes with an applicator.
  • What is a pad?
    A menstrual pad is a period product designed to stick in an underwear’s crotch area. It collects period blood, preventing leaks on shorts, skirts, dresses, and other garments.
  • How often should I change my tampon?
    This actually depends on how heavy your menstrual flow is. But as a standard, it’s recommended to change your tampons for 4-8 hours. Always wash your hands before removing or inserting a tampon to avoid infections.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Tampons and Pads

We get that it’s convenient to get a pad or tampon in the supermarket, but getting eco-friendly period products would bring long-term benefits for you and the planet. First, some eco-friendly products are made with natural materials. You no longer have to expose your genitals to artificial materials.

Some environmentally-friendly tampons and pads are reusable, generating less waste and saving more money. Lastly, they’re more sustainable than traditional period products, which can help protect the world we’re living in.

Taking the switch is difficult at first, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. Check out the different eco-friendly products we have in store; just scroll above to see our selection.

Bestselling Tampons and Pads

Are you planning to buy tampons or pads in our shop but unsure what to pick? We’ve got you covered, as we’ve listed are bestsellers in this section. First on the list is the Mirko Flow Underwear Set. What’s amazing about this product is you don’t need to stick pads or insert tampons on your vagina. Just wear the underwear, and you’re good to go! It’s made with breathable polyester spandex and can hold up to 10ml of blood, equivalent to 2 regular tampons. Less leaks, less stress!

Another bestseller in the shop is the Nala Regular Tampons. They’re made with natural and biodegradable materials, good for your body and the environment. But don’t get worried about its function as it provides efficient leak protection; it even has a superabsorbent core with multiple cotton layers around it.

How to Use Tampons and Pads

If you’re planning to use a tampon, here’s how it goes. First, you wash your hands. Then, grab a single tampon, remove the wrapper, and push the tampon into your vagina using the applicator or your finger. Keep it on for 4-8 hours, depending on how heavy your period flow is. After that, gently remove the tampon from your vagina, cover it up with tissue and throw it in the trash bin.

If you’re using a pad, grab a single pad, remove the wrapper, then remove the sticker covers. After that, stick the pad into the underwear, right on the crotch area. Wear the underwear as usual. Change your menstrual pad once the pad is soaked with blood. Once you’re done using it, wrap the used napkin with tissue, then throw it in the trash bin. Same with tampons, make sure your hands are clean when sticking the pad in.

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