Buying merch is a great way to show the world that you support everything that Lauvette and the brands we stock stand for without actually waving around your favorite sex toy. It’s a discreet display of your standing with us to promote sexual wellness and education.

  • Why is purchasing merch significant?
    Buying merch is a way for you to display your alignment with all that we stand for. It’s a little wink for all the other people that spot the items that there are like-minded individuals that prioritize.
  • Do I have to buy merch?
    Like any other purchase, buying merch is all up to you. If anything attracts you, then grab it. If not, that’s totally fine, too.
  • Which merch should I get?
    Figure out which works with your lifestyle! If a keychain is the way you’d like to display the love for Lauvette, we’ve got those in stock. Maybe you’re more of a sticker fiend? We’ve got those, too! There are more discreet options like socks and pens should you want to go down that route. Figure out which one is the best way to display your favor.

What is Merch?

Merch is short for merchandise. They’re items that are sold in stores that promote popular things like movies, music groups, or in this case, sexual wellness brands.

Merch Selection

The more merch you purchase, the more we know what you want! We have keychains, necklaces, stickers, socks, tote bags, and pens. By purchasing and sounding off on our social media pages of what types of merch you want from us, the wider our selection can grow. Tell us if you want mugs, shirts, or even pillows, maybe?

Quality and Material

We aim to sell merch that will last! While merch is just a token or a fun thing to add to your collection, we still aim to provide and uphold the exceptional quality that we offer with all the products we stock.

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