If you’re looking for lubricants that spice up your sexytime, then you’ve come to the right place. Sensuva brings you an array of sensations with their original formulas. Made from natural botanicals, essential oil extracts, and the healthiest ingredients.

Add a little more smoothness to sexual entries with their wide array of lubricants that range from warming, cooling, tightening, or loosening. Lubricants aren’t just for conventional sex. Whether things are going in your ass, mouth, vagina, or anywhere in between, there can never be too much lubricant.

Stock up on lubricants and check out our wide selection of Sensuva options. The Lauvette shop has a wide selection of personal moisturizers for your to explore and enjoy.

  • Why are lubricants necessary?
    Lubricants are meant to add pleasure to your sexual experience. While your body can produce lubrication, it doesn’t hurt to get a little extra help. There are also some sexual acts that will need the artificial lubricant – anal sex, hand jobs, even boob jobs, and whatever else you can think of. Friction is definitely not your friend here, so lube up!
  • Do I have to do any prep before using Sensuva lubricants?
    Aside from making sure you’re in the mood and ready to do the deed, nope. Just apply the lubricant liberally for a frictionless experience. You can make it a bit more interesting by keeping the bottle in the refrigerator or in a bowl of hot water to mix things up a bit – but this isn’t a necessary step before enjoying the products.
  • Why are Sensuva products the ones for me?
    Sensuva was developed with the priority to create products that are healthy, body-safe, and natural. If those resonate with you, Sensuva is your perfect match in the lubricant world!

History of Sensuva

Getting turned on, aroused, and connecting with their partner are important parts of a relationship. Sensuva was created to enhance that experience with healthy, body-safe, natural products that work! Putting the body back in balance helps both men and women heighten awareness and sensitivity, and that’s exactly what Sensuva lubricants do!

The owner, Ron Anderson has always prioritized the importance of a healthy and natural lifestyle. He faced struggled with low energy and weight gain for a time and decided to research the cause. He found that they were caused by a decrease in their natural testosterone production.

Upon further investigation, he discovered the lack of products that were free of artificial and chemical ingredients. Anderson dedicated himself to studying botanicals and holistic methodology. He consulted chemists and apothecaries to develop a product line that supported hormonal health, physical energy, and sexual satisfaction in both men and women.

Sensuva was born when he realized that there was an immense need for naturally derived products within the sexual health industry. After tireless work and development to find the perfect formula and blend of essential oils to get both men and women aroused and ready for some fun times!

Sensuva’s Awards

The Sensuva products have received accolades and awards since its conception. Sensuva won the Sexual Enhancement Company in 2014. It has won the AVN awards multiple times, too. It won the Best Enhancement Manufacturer in 2014, Outstanding Enhancement Product-Topical in 2012, and the Outstanding Body or Skin Care Line in 2020.

Quality and Material

Sensuva prioritizes and highlights the use of natural, body-safe materials. Sensuva lubricants are made with naturally derived products that have received heartfelt testimonials from a sexual health expert, Dr. Jennifer Berman, M.D., and other women. They continue to make innovative all-natural, body-safe products from couples and individuals.

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