Classic Vibrators


Classic Vibrators

If you’re craving for something direct, something straight to the point with its actions and intentions, you can never go with the classics. Specifically, a classic vibrator for the dripping needs of your erogenous spots. Insert it, let it hover, massage you, rub you; the options are endless here! A classic vibrator is a sleek type of vibrator that can tease and stimulate those said spots in a single buzz that’ll wake your senses up. Let’s learn more about this simple yet multi-purpose sex toy here.

classic vibrators

What is a Classic Vibrator?

By far, this type of vibrator is usually the first one everyone hears of or catches a glimpse of it as they venture through the world of sex and sex toys. But maybe you aren’t so sure what it actually does. Well, that’s where we come in.

A classic vibrator is a cylindrical-shaped sex toy measuring in varying lengths with buttons found on the button to control the intensity and mode based on one’s state. Its purpose is flexible; for internal stimulation (g-spot) and external stimulation (erogenous spots such as one’s breasts, clitoris, anus, and penis).

Undoubtedly, this vibrator became popular with everyone.

Before anything becomes a classic, we must know its roots to understand why it became labeled as such. Some say that it traces back to Cleopatra, who filled up a gourd with buzzing bees to stimulate her lady areas. There’s also the Victorian era, wherein vulvar massages were given to women to treat their hysteria and more. Dr. George Taylor was of major assistance with his steam-powered manipulator too. From here, this huge machine got chopped into smaller machines, which would be the first electric, battery-operated vibrator by Joseph Mortimer Granville in 1883.

Thanks to these events, it led to the ‘80s and ‘90s to pave the way for the classic vibrator. With its sleek design and straightforward purpose, the target audience widened beyond vulva owners and added new features through the years.

What is classic vibrator

Why You Should Try Classic Vibrators

Look, we get it. Getting a sex toy such as a classical vibrator can be a bit intimidating. It’s normal! But sometimes, we need a leap of faith and courage to go beyond and explore outside our comfort zone. Plus, once you do that, you’ll meet with its numerous benefits! One, the vibration settings are no joke! Don’t be fooled by its rather minimalist design when it can buzz, buzz, buzz you into fascinating pleasure like never before.

Second, this sex toy can scavenge and satisfy any part of your body. Sure, you can use it please your genital areas, such as your clitoris, g-spot, penis, or glans. But other than them, they’re versatile to make your erogenous zones feel good. Third, like what we said, it’s straight to the point. Everything you need to know about this toy is right in front as you hold it, wherein the buttons are all you need to use and gain control of.

Beginners will also have a breeze with having this toy as their first. They wouldn’t get overstimulated, and they’ll understand its functions quickly. And lastly, you can tag your partner along here! Intensify your intimacy levels like those vibration levels.

what you see is what you get

What You See is What You Get

A classic vibrator is very straightforward. Its velvety structure can freely roam around your body as you please. You may only feel confused when you’re finding your sensitive spots with it. But other than that, the classic vibrator is direct in satisfying you. No more extra things to add (except for lube); just explore the toy with its buttons to witness its buzzing magic through its different modes and intensities.

touch my body

Touch My Body!

Rely on a classic to be versatile! The classic vibrator can stimulate and penetrate all erogenous zones with ease and class that you’re not gonna an ic(k) at all. Almost like a massage, but for our sexual desires. We’re talking about spots such as the breasts, g-spot, clitoris, pubic mound, penis, anus, prostate, glans, perineum, and the list goes on. For a classic, your sex life gets a boost with all this physical touch!

tag your partner

Tag Your Partner

Classic vibrators are usually seen as pleasure devices for solo play for vulva owners. But did you know that bringing your partner along to your rumbling plays can strengthen your relationship? Although there are couple vibrators in the market, starting with a classic vibrator allows the two of you to get accustomed to the sensations and figure out what modes bring out the most pleasure from each of you.

vibrator for starters

Great For Starters

If you’re someone who’s still getting the hang of using sex toys in their routine or doing their research, the classic vibrator is one option worth considering. This beginner-friendly sex toy has direct instructions on how to use it, making it much easier to understand in one go. Since it’s only capable of pleasing one area at a time, you won’t get overwhelmed. You’re also in control of your o’s or overall pleasure.

electrifying fun from the vibes

Electrifying Fun From The Vibes

Of course, we can’t miss out on the main highlight! A classic vibrator is full of assorted vibration modes, patterns, and other settings! Those modes can speed or slow down depending on your preference. You can also feel rumbly or wave-like patterns rushing through your body! Though keep in mind that powerful vibration levels can come at a higher price since the motors used are stronger.


If you’re on the hunt for the ideal classic vibrator that fully fits your preference and style, you’ve come to the right place. We’re stocked with a wide range of classic vibrators, so there’s definitely one (or more) here for you.

Right on the top of our list is the Afterglow Makeup Brush Vibrator which exceeds the typical sleek vibrator look. Thus, it’s a discreet option! Plus, your cheeks would heat up instantly with its 10 convulsing vibration modes. All it takes is a single button right in the center to do the job.

Next on our list, we have the Cyara Vibrator. Not only does this chic-looking vibrator come in 3 different shades, but it’s loaded with 10 intense vibration settings. Oh, and it’s waterproof. Looks like your sexcapades can go to any wet surface your heart pleases.

Lastly, we have the Iroha Minamo Vibrator. Its wave-like texture can deliver vibration waves as if you’re chilling by the beach. It’s made of ultra-soft silicone and has over 4 vibration settings. Plus, those vibrations are silent, so your neighbors won’t question what’s going on over at your place.

Types & Variations

A classic vibrator can be crafted in varying styles and aesthetics, packed with specific features and functions that create a more sensational experience for its user.

Most of the time, the classic vibrator has a smooth texture for its shaft. It can be as long as 3-7 inches that is insertable. There are some types wherein there are more textures, such as ridges, waves, or ribs. With the tip, there are a few that’s crafted to resemble the glans of a penis for a more realistic experience. And for all of these types, there are all discreet options wherein no one would bat an eye on what it actually is.

Most classic vibrators are USB-rechargeable, wherein all you need is the cord that’s provided and an adaptor to charge it. They’re also waterproof, meaning you can tag them along whenever you or you and your partner want to have some wet fun. All classical vibrators work for both internal and external stimulation, they’d be able to please any of your erogenous zones whenever you want to. It’s almost like a 2-in-1 sex toy, so it’s also a money-saver if you’re on a budget.

Life in Classic, It’s Fantastic!

The classic vibrator makes a fantastic love toy choice for beginners or those who are craving for a more discreet experience with love toys. The versatile vibrator can gratify all the sexual needs in your erogenous zones, catch your eyes with its gorgeous designs, and amaze you with its powerful vibrations. On your journey to self-discovery and learning more about your sexual persona, the classic vibrator is an ideal avenue to enter through and explore. And you can get your very own here at Lauvette! Happy shopping, babes!

“A classic vibrator is a sleek type of vibrator that can tease and stimulate those said spots in a single buzz that’ll wake your senses up.”
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