Police Woman Costumes

Police Woman Costumes

What are Police Woman Costumes?

Lauvette is a precinct of almost too-illegal-to-wear collection of Police Woman Costume. Catching the law-breakers in this costume can give you such an electrifying thrill in bed. Navy-blue and accompanied by some accessories such as handcuffs and POLICE badge, a police costume looks like the real thing except that it’s sooo much better. Never has justice been served this sexily.

Who Can Wear Police Woman Costumes?

Any female who’s up for action-packed activities in bed can use a Police Costume. It’s for anyone who appreciates having an authority figure while doing sexy things. If you’re a newly wedded bride, you can wear it to your honeymoon and your husband is guaranteed to be so hooked on you. You can also wear it if you’re a drag performer.

How to Have Fun With A Police Woman Question?

Nothing is stopping you from having the kinkiest and sassiest time with your partner now that you have a girls police Costume. You can come up with so much ways to have fun with it. If you’re into roleplay, you can have a robbers-and-cops play scene. Use the handcuffs that come with the costume to render your partner immobile in bed. You can also wear it to a Halloween party or use it for a drag performance if you’re a drag queen.
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