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Magic Wand Massager

Magic Wand Massagers

Magic wand massagers can help you experience powerful external stimulations for your clitoris or your testicles. You can use this on your own, or you can enjoy it with your partner. It can send pleasurable vibrations on your sensitive spots and on anywhere you want it to be. You can even use it for a back massage. Magic wand massagers can be battery-operated, rechargeable, or wired.

To use this high-powered love toy, simply turn on the vibe, and run the magic wand massager’s head all over your own or your partner’s erogenous zones. For even wilder sexcapades, restrain your partner by using handcuffs or bondages while running the magic wand massager on your partner’s every imaginable sensitive spot.

The decision on what magic wand massager to get will depend on your wants and needs. Do you prefer a small and discreet massager but can get the job done? Then you may want to get mini wand massagers. Do you want a stronger and more targeted massager? Whatever your choice is, all massagers are built with pleasure in mind. Lauvette offers a wide variety of magic wand massagers, ensuring that there’s a vibe that matches your preferences.

History of Magic Wand Massager

The magic wand massager was invented in the late ’60s by a Japanese Company, Hitachi, showcasing a black quilted head and a cream/pink body. It was initially marketed as a general body massager for sore muscles, but by the ’70s, its main function started to shift.

Sex educator and artist Betty Dodson, known for her bodysex workshops in New York, got ahold of the Hitachi’s magic wand massager. After giving it a few tries, she felt it was the best vibe among the massagers she’d tried and started using it at her workshops.

This has led to the NSFW popularity of the magic wand massagers. The female crowd preferred it to other sex toys as it has a discreet design and powerful vibrations. The magic wand massager also featured in publications and even in television shows such as Sex and the City.

As of today, Hitachi isn’t the only company that’s providing this pleasure staple. More manufacturers are now releasing their own versions of the magic wand massager, including advanced features such as long-distance control.

Bestselling Magic Wand Massagers

Lauvette features a wide collection of magic wand massagers, ensuring that there’s a vibe that could meet your sultry desires. As for the bestsellers, the Base Wand Vibrator is first on the list. This magic wand massager comes in a vibrant and charming design. It also features 11 vibration modes, ensuring that it can match up with your mood and preferences.

Next is the Hooked On You Wand Massager. What’s stellar about this vibe is its smart design specifically made to easily accommodate a woman’s curves. It also has an intelligent induction feature; this magic wand massager automatically vibrates when it comes in contact with the skin.

Another magic wand massager that’s on our bestselling list is the Lovense Domi 2 App-Controlled Mini Wand. What makes this a stand out from other vibes is its app-control feature; you can customize vibration patterns, sync the vibes to music, and let your long-distance partner control it. It also comes in a sleek casing with a flexible neck, ensuring to hit those sweet spots with ease.

Care & Maintenance

When using a magic wand massager, it’s important to note its material, especially its head part. This will be the basis of what type of lubricant that you can use when playing it. Let’s say your vibe is made with silicone; it’s best to use a water-based lubricant rather than a silicone-based lube; the silicone lube can deteriorate the surface of the massager.

As for the cleaning process, you can use warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner. Check if the vibe is waterproof or splashproof. If it’s waterproof, you can wash the love toy in running water or lightly submerging it in a tub of water. As for the splashproof ones, it’s best to wash only the head part with water and mild soap, then use a damp towel with soap in it to clean the handle part.

We suggest using a satin pouch to minimize exposure to dust and dirt when storing magic wand massagers. Keep the love toy out of reach from children.

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