Magic Wand Massager


Magic Wand Massager

Are you looking for a vibrator with incredible power? You're in the right place. The magic wand massager, also known as the wand vibrator, delivers intense vibrations. Not only is it a reliable device for solo sexcapades, but you can also use it for deep muscle relief. Whether you want to target your erogenous zones or relax your tight muscles, this toy is something you can count on. Wanna know more about this certified bestseller? Learn more about this pleasure toy and why you should get one in this guide.

One of those manufacturing companies is SVAKOM, an award-winning sex toy brand known for its innovation, accessible price range, and constant product improvements. Learn more about this global brand below.

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What is a Magic Wand Massager?

The Magic Wand Massager is known for its strong vibrations. It comes with three main parts. First is the handle, where the buttons for adjusting the vibration settings are located. Second, is the head, which is the area that comes into direct contact with the body.

It is usually made of soft and body-safe materials like silicone. This part is designed to transmit vibrations to the desired areas of the body for erotic stimulation or muscle relaxation. To use this high-powered love toy, turn on the vibe, and run the magic wand massager's head all over your or your partner's erogenous zones. For even wilder sexcapades, restrain your partner using handcuffs or bondages while running the magic wand massager on your partner's every imaginable sensitive spot.

The magic wand massager was invented in the late '60s by a Japanese Company, Hitachi. It was initially marketed as a general body massager for sore muscles, but by the '70s, its main function started to shift. Sex educator and artist Betty Dodson, known for her body sex workshops in New York, got ahold of Hitachi's magic wand massager. After a few tries, she felt it was the best vibe among the massagers she'd tried and started using it at her workshops. This has led to the erotic popularity of the magic wand massagers. The female crowd preferred it to other sex toys as it had a discreet design and powerful vibrations.

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Why You Should Try a Magic Wand Massager

You may think a magic wand massager is just a bulky type of vibrator, but there's so much more that this pleasure device could offer. First is its unparalleled vibrations. It delivers powerful vibrations like no other. It's so strong that they made the handle long and thick enough to withstand the powerful effects, ensuring your hand stays steady as you delve into new levels of pleasure. Not only that, but the wand vibrator proves to be a versatile wellness device. You can use it for body massages, alleviating muscle tension, knots, and soreness. By applying the vibrating head to your chosen area, you'll experience the magic as stress levels melt away, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.

Aside from its incredible power and dual function, the wand vibrator has an unmatched versatility. Thanks to the availability of special attachments, the vibrating head can also work for vaginal play or g-spot stimulation. Some also have attachments made to enhance the way you please your clit. Whether you're exploring solo or shared pleasure, this toy will surely become essential to your intimate adventures.

intensity like no other

Intensity Like No Other

One of the key features of a magic wand massager is its incomparable power. They're *that* intense, which is why we don't even recommend this love toy for beginners. And if you're worried that the strong vibrations will make your hand go numb, don't worry since the handle can handle (no pun intended) those strong effects. If you're a seasoned user and want a vibe that could take your breath away, you'll love this one.

magic wand massagers are ideal for muscle relief

Ideal for Muscle Relief

Thanks to its remarkable power, wand vibrators can penetrate deep into the muscles, relieving tension, knots, and soreness. You press the head to your chosen region and let the vibrations do their magic.

You have two wellness devices in one, which is a steal! Additionally, combining orgasmic and relaxation properties helps users reduce their stress levels.

multifunctional wellness tool

Multifunctional Wellness Tool

One of the best features of wand vibes is that some models come with special attachments. Those attachments have special shapes and textures to help you stimulate your pleasure zones, like your clitoris and g-spot. Some wand vibrators have special features, such as warming and long-distance control. Whether you're in a relationship, going solo, or working as a cam model, this love toy will be handy!

incredible versatility

Incredible Versatility

A magic wand massager can be used for body massages, self-pleasure sessions, and a couple plays. It also has a gender-neutral design; people of all gender identities can easily play with it. Also, multiple attachments and variations are available, making it more accessible and inclusive. So if you're looking for a simple yet powerful toy to carve out dedicated time for self-care, try this one out.

effortless cleaning

Effortless Cleaning

The magic wand massager comes with a straightforward design. It has a handle and a round head— no nooks or crannies that you'll need extra attention to. Run it over the faucet, use a gentle cleanser, rinse it off, then wipe it with a towel. You can also use a sex toy cleaner for quicker cleanup. The only con with this vibe is that you'll need a bigger pouch or space when storing it unless you have a mini one.


Got this pleasure device for your solo or couple sexcapades? Woohoo! You're a few steps away from unlocking orgasmic bliss. But if you're looking at our selection above and unsure what to get, we have some recommendations in this section. The first one is the Hooked On You Wand Massager. What's stellar about this vibrator is its smart design, specifically made to easily accommodate your curves. It also has an intelligent induction feature; this magic wand massager automatically vibrates when it comes in contact with the skin. Meanwhile, the Starlet Mini Wand Vibrator is a charming vibe for beginners. It has a portable size that lets you bring it in your vacays. This toy also has a flexible neck to easily target those sweet spots and a water-resistant design.

For those who want the ultimate wand massager, behold the SVAKOM Emma Neo Interactive Wand Vibrator. It has everything you need in a wand vibe, such as app control, warming function, bunny ears attachment, multiple vibration modes, multiple vibration patterns, and so much more. You can connect this toy to 2D interactive videos, amplifying your solo plays with arousing visuals.

Types & Variations

Though the handle-head structure has always been the staple for a magic wand massager, this toy also has different variations that cater to specific preferences. First, the classic corded wand is known to bring the most powerful vibrations since it's directly connected to the power source. There's also the rechargeable wand which is better in terms of convenience. There are also mini wand vibrators, only half the size of a regular massager. This type can be easily brought to your trips due to its portability.

There's also a dual-ended wand which offers two wands in one. Each of the wands is usually different from one another. For example, the other wand can be inserted in the vagina, while the other looks like a regular vibrating head. There's also an attachment massager with interchangeable attachments or accessory options. This is good for those tight on a budget since you'll have multiple vibrators in one device. Overall, each vibe has a unique flair— go with something that matches your play preferences.

Feel the Orgasmic Magic!

Let magic wand massagers take you on a journey of pleasure, relaxation, and sensuous discovery. With its versatile range of vibrations, attachments, and key features, this powerful sex toy has everything you need for a night of orgasmic fun. If you're interested in getting your magic wand massager, Lauvette, the premier sexual wellness provider in the Philippines, has a huge collection of wand vibrators. We've got budget-friendly, branded, app-control, and interchangeable head types— please see what's available by scrolling up. Happy shopping!

"The Wand Massager wasn't originally made for pleasure purposes. Its sexual purpose was only introduced and encouraged by sex educator and artist Betty Dodson."
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