Rosy Gold

Raise your hands up, rose gold lovers! Rosy Gold is a premium sex toy brand that offers sophisticated toys, such as mini vibrators, love eggs, wands massagers, g-spot vibrators, and kegel balls. These toys are designed with stylish accents and are in rose gold color.

But aside from being eye candy, these sex toys are also crafted to perfection, ensuring to send deep vibrations to your hottest spots. So go ahead, say yes to the sexual revolution and add their toys to your collection.

  • What is Rosy Gold?
    Rosy Gold is an international sex toy brand specializing in women’s vibrating toys. They have the ‘roaring twenties’ aesthetic, in which their toys all have rose gold and glossy finish.
  • What are the benefits of using Rose Gold toys?
    If you prefer a sophisticated aesthetic and love to own rose gold-colored items, you’ll love their product line.
  • What are the bestselling toys from Rosy Gold?
    Check out their Rosy Gold Mini Vibrator, Rosy Gold Vibrating Egg, and Rosy Gold Curve Massager. They’re all built with deep vibrations and designed with a glossy finish.

Benefits of Using Rosy Gold

Just like any other sex toy, Rosy Gold devices are built to stimulate your pleasure points with ease. Orgasming from sex toy use can result in a better mood and glowing skin. There are also reports that solo play can improve sleep quality and alleviate mild pain.

This product line stands out from the other brands in its design. As mentioned, Rosy Gold toys are crafted with sophistication in mind. It’s great for women who prefer their love toys to have a certain look. The toys are also made with smooth, soft, and body-safe materials, so it is easy to insert or rub them into your genitals. Their collection also works with beginner and experienced users, so if you’re planning to give someone a love toy for a special occasion, this brand is worth checking out.

Bestselling Rosy Gold Toys

If you’re new to this sex toy brand and want to test out some of their toys, check out their bestsellers. You may want to start with their Rosy Gold Mini Vibrator. It’s designed to stimulate your external erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, nipples, vaginal lips, etc. It comes with a smooth and glossy finish and has chic accents at the base.

If you enjoy g-spot or internal stimulation, you may want to try Rosy Gold Vibrating Egg. This remote-controlled love egg has 10 vibration modes and 10 vibration speeds. It has a smooth and glossy finish and string for easy removal.

But if you prefer stronger vibrations, then the Rosy Gold Curve Massager is the perfect love toy. Same with the other love toys from this line, it comes with a chic design and rose-gold color.

Care & Maintenance

When cleaning the sex toys from Rosy Gold, check if the device is waterproof or splashproof. If the toy is waterproof, you can lightly submerge it in water, while splashproof toys can’t be submerged in water. We also suggest using a toy cleaner as it works with most sex toy materials. Clean the toy before and after your sensual plays.

As for storage, keep the toys separately in a satin or velvet pouch. This prevents cross-contamination within the sex toys. After putting them inside the pouches, keep them in a dry, secure, and cool place, such as the closet or bedside cabinet. Never put the toys somewhere with direct sunlight.

For more information about the care and maintenance of the toys, check the manual included in the toy’s packaging.

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