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Glass Dildos

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Glass Dildos

What are Glass Dildos?

Want a totally new experience for your penetrative sex? Glass Dildos are just the sex toy to satisfy your thirst for something fun and kinky in bed. Realistic dildos made from silicone maybe popular but the glass dildos have something that the realistic dildos can never compare to. Its glass material makes it a sophisticated love toy of choice and you can adjust its temperature—whether you want to warm it up or freeze it up—depending on how you want to take it.

Why you should own a Glass Dildo?

Glass dildos are not just great for its functionality—they’re always hard and comes with ridges to give you an out of this world orgasm—but they’re also like pieces of art. The best Glass Dildos are crafted so beautifully that they look like magic wands or crystal figures that you can display them in your living room and they blend right in with your other decors. Yes, these love toys are that discreet. They’re also very durable and can work well with all kinds of lubes.

How to have fun with a Glass Dildo?

To really get the most out of your Glass Dildo, you can warm it up a or put it in the fridge a few minutes before using. You can use them for solo masturbation or as a couple love toy. Have your boyfriend insert the Glass Dildo inside your vagina or anus during sex for double penetration. Or if you like, you can use it as a massager. Run it all over your partner’s back or shoulders and use the ridges on the Glass Dildo to massage those sore muscles.
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