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Glass Dildo

Glass slippers, glass art, crystals— we all have a fascination with these glistening beauties. Its sleek finish will leave you allured, so sex toy manufacturers created a sex toy with iridescent glass. Meet the glass dildo, a durable, incredibly smooth, and excitingly stunning type of dong perfect for temperature plays. Contrary to what people believe, this luscious toy wouldn't break easily or break your budget. Learn more about this pleasure device in this guide.

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What is a Glass Dildo?

As the name suggests, a glass dildo is a pleasure toy used in vaginal and anal penetration made with glass. But not the fragile glass that you see in jars and glassware.

It's made with borosilicate glass, a special type known for its durability. It can handle extreme chemical reactions and temperatures, so you don't have to worry about putting this in your body. It won't crack, we promise!

As they can withstand intense heat and coldness, glass dildos can be easily warmed or cooled in warm water or refrigerators before use. You can also sterilize it if you prefer deep cleaning with your dongs. Also, its smooth surface makes insertion much easier than other types. And in terms of hygiene, glass is a non-porous material, meaning it doesn't harbor bacteria like porous materials. You won't have to worry about irritations or infections if you clean it thoroughly before and after sessions. Plus, a glass dong is definitely serving in the glam department, as the glistening finish and alluring curves bring an opulent vibe.

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Why You Should Try a Glass Dildo

A glass dildo is a worthy addition to anybody's sex toy collection. One of the standout features of this dildo is its ability to absorb and adjust to the temperature, which means you can easily warm or chill it with hot or cold water. Submerge the toy, wait a few minutes, then proceed with the deed! It's that easy. Aside from its temperature-responsive feature, a glass dildo offers a unique combination of firmness and smoothness, providing a more intense and satisfying sensation during use. It's an excellent option for those seeking more pronounced and precise stimulation. Want a harder dong? This one is ready to take the role.

Another amazing component of a glass dildo is its remarkable durability. Made with borosilicate glass that can withstand extreme temperatures and resist chemical reactions, this dildo is far from fragile. You can confidently explore and enjoy its firmness without worrying about it shattering in the middle of the deed. All you'll get is pure pleasure and peace of mind.

Lastly, a glass dildo can work with all types of lubricant. You won't need to worry if your lube can deteriorate the toy's surface, as it's compatible with water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, or hybrid lubricants, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences and needs. Overall, a glass dildo combines beauty, elegance, function, and durability into one. Learn more about this sex toy through its highlights below.

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Chill It, Heat It— This Dildo Got It

What's great about glass dildos is you can easily warm or chill them up. It can absorb and adjust to the current temperature, so it's the number one suggested dildo for temperature play. Its temp-resistant feature adds a new dimension of sensation and excitement to your intimate experiences. You can also sterilize it without a fuss, which is perfect for those who want to fully sanitize their dongs.

glass dildos are firmer and smoother

Firmer and Smoother

If you want something harder than a silicone dildo, this one has got you covered. Made with borosilicate glass, known to withstand extreme temperatures, a glass dildo brings extra firmness that'll make you love it harder.

Aside from that, it has a smoother and glossier finish than standard silicone dildos. You can easily clean it up, too, since fluids and other secretions wouldn't stick to the surface, compared to other types of dongs.

glass dildos have superior durability

Superior Durability

Using a glass dildo seems scary. Imagine a fragile glass being inserted into one of the most sensitive areas of your body. However, glass dildos are nothing but fragile items. In fact, they're incredibly durable as they're made with borosilicate glass, which is known to withstand extreme temperatures and resist chemical reactions. It won't break apart during use or if it slips away from your hands. Don't you worry, as this dong has got your back.

glass dildos are compatible with all lubricants

Compatible With All Lubricants

Another benefit of this dildo is its compatibility with all types of lubricants. Unlike silicone dongs, you can use water-based, silicone-based, oil-based, and hybrid based lubes. This versatility allows you to choose the lubricant that suits your preferences without worrying if the dildo would degrade or react adversely to the lube. Note that you shouldn't use oil-based lubes on vaginal or anal penetration.

crystal clear charm

Crystal Clear Charm

Thanks to its glossy and glistening finish, most glass dildos look like they would fit in a museum. The straight ones look like a mythical wand, while the curved ones give off a luxurious vibe as if they're meant for display— not to mention the stunning look that a glass dildo shows when exposed to light. That's why if you want a toy that you wouldn't even look like a toy at first glance, you better check this out.


Fascinated with glass dildos and want to try them yourself? Well, you're in luck, as Lauvette offers a wide range of glass dildos that could satisfy your naughty needs. If you need recommendations, we gladly share Gildo No. 3 featuring a unique surface of blue and red dots. It has a curvy shaft and plump tip, sending your body to new, orgasmic heights. It also has a flat base, making it ideal for anal stimulation.

If you want something on the "cute" side, then Magical Sakura Glass Dildo it is. This one has a curvy shaft and pink-tinted handle in a star, crescent moon, heart, and cat head design. It's also affordable, making it the best glass dildo, which is just figuring out if a glass dildo is for them. Lastly, the Gildo No. 10 is a swirled stunner, giving you those well-deserved Os without hesitation. Not only does it look good, but it definitely feels good to your pleasure zones. Heat it up through warm water or chill it in the ref. After that, thrust it in, and enjoy the warming or cooling sensations!

Types & Variations

Glass dildos come in different shapes and sizes. First is the standard glass dildo, often with a plump or tapered tip. It's pretty smooth overall and has no quirks like nubs and ridges. Then there are curved glass dildos meant to please the g-spot. The only issue with them is they're not flexible, and the curve remains at the same angle. On the other hand, some dildos come with special nubs and textures to amplify the sensations as it moves back and forth to the vaginal walls.

There are also swirled or spiraled glass dildos with sleek patterns or twists running along the shaft. They've also recently upgraded, as several manufacturers launch vibrating glass dildos. The smooth finish and intense vibrations will give its players an entirely new sensation. And if you want something you can use with your significant other, opt for a double-ended glass dildo. It has two dildo heads on each end of the toy, making it a great love toy for shared pleasure. That said, whatever your heart desires, there's a dildo that's gonna make your sultry wishes happen.

Reignite Your Sexual Glow!

Let this glowing toy take your orgasms to greater heights. A glass dildo exudes a captivating aesthetic appeal and incredible durability. From temperature play to its compatibility with all lubricants, glass dildos will provide a unique and pleasurable journey of erotic exploration and satisfaction. The non-porous surface ensures easy sterilization, allowing for worry-free cleaning and maintenance. Lauvette, the leading provider of sexual wellness products in the Philippines, offers a wide range of glass dildos. Please scroll up to see what's available in our collection. Happy shopping!

"Glass dildos are made with borosilicate glass, known for its fierce durability and temperature-responsive feature."
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