Not every toy will rise to your sexual needs, but Rose products will. A brand that offers a diverse collection of petite and discreet sex toys that are tiny, but definitely mighty in the world of pleasure.

The Rose is perfect for the pleasure-seeker on-the-go thanks to its compact designs that still offer a wide variety of sensations. Explore Rose products that are sure to give you more than just a rosy glow.

  • What makes Rose toys different?
    Rose sex toys are made for individuals that don’t want to sacrifice sex toy portability for variety. Thanks to their mini vibrators that have interchangeable heads, you no longer have to make that sacrifice.
  • What’s so special about interchangeable vibrator tips?
    If you’re new to the vibrator game, you may not know what kind of stimulation works best for you. Having a mini-vibrator that is discreet and comes with multiple tip attachments makes exploring your sexual likes and preferences so much easier and more discreet.
  • Why buy a mini-vibrator when I can buy a full-sized one?
    Discretion and portability are the biggest advantages of purchasing a mini-vibrator. Just because Rose mini-vibrators are small doesn’t mean you’re missing out on any of the powerful vibrations bigger vibrations offer.

Benefits of Rose Vibrators

Rose vibrators are pocket-sized agents of pleasure with a lot of secret identities to uncover – by this we mean the interchangeable heads most Rose vibrators come with. Rose vibrators are perfect if you’re always traveling or just want to add variety to sex toy collection.

Aside from the variety of head designs to choose from, there are a couple of different color variants and even designs to suit your needs. Making sure your little sex gadget is simple as loading in a new battery instead of having to wait for the toy to charge. Enjoy them in the bathroom or the bedroom thanks to their waterproof feature and get those Os on the go.

Benefits of Battery-Operated Sex Toys

Battery-operated sex toys are fun and much more instantaneous than rechargeable toys and that’s a huge perk. In the past, the downfall of battery-operated toys is that you can’t use them underwater. Well, that’s not an issue with Rose vibrators! They’re waterproof and ready for play anywhere you want any time you want.

But, before soaking any of your toys in water – from Rose or any other brands – double-check that the model you purchased is waterproof for your safety.

Care & Maintenance

Always make sure that all your sex toys are properly cleaned before and after each use! Separate the detachable tip from the body before rinsing all components with lukewarm water and a gentle soap or sex toy cleaner.

Ensure that you get all the water out of all the little dips by patting them down with a towel and then allowing them to air dry. Tuck it away in a satin or velvet pouch until you use it the next time.

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