Strip it

Want to get smooth and flawless skin but don’t want to spend a lot on waxing salons? Want a hair removal kit that’s made with natural ingredients? No need to look anywhere as Strip It! is here to fulfill your wishes. This local brand offers homemade hair removal products made with calamansi and sugar.

Their sugaring wax is biodegradable, hypoallergenic, vegan friendly, and gluten-free. They also offer products after the waxing process, ensuring that you won’t be getting any bumps or discoloration on the waxed areas.

  • What is sugaring?
    Sugaring is a hair removal method using a paste made with lemon, sugar, and water. Over time, sugaring may lead to a reduction in hair growth.
  • What areas of the body can be sugared?
    Sugaring is gentle enough to be done on any and all body parts. The most common sugared areas are the underarms, arms, legs, and bikini.
  • How long does sugaring last?
    Schedule your regular appointments every four to six weeks to ensure the smoothest and most painless sugaring process. With every appointment, you’ll have less and less hair to remove.

History of Sugaring

If you’re unfamiliar with what “sugaring” is, it’s a waxing method that uses sugar and other natural ingredients to create a waxing paste. This technique dates back to 1900 B.C, and it is reported that Persia is the first location to have done this waxing method.

Sugaring was also popular in nearby countries during this period; it’s called sukkar or ḥalawa in the Middle East, as ağda in Turkey, and as moum in Iran. However, they didn’t use sugar on the paste yet, but honey instead. As for European and American countries, sugaring isn’t as popular because shaving wasn’t as encouraged before as it is now.

Eventually, having hairless armpits and legs became the norm, which boosted the popularity of various waxing methods and an influx of waxing salons. Sugaring then became popular with the modern crowd, as you can safely do it at home and is reported to be less painful than traditional waxing.

Benefits of Sugaring

If you’re new to sugaring, you’re probably what makes this process better than other types of waxing. First, it’s made with natural ingredients and doesn’t have any questionable ingredients that other waxing products have. It’s also better for people with sensitive skin and pregnant women.

Another benefit of this waxing technique is that you can safely do it at home; no need to spend extra time getting an appointment and visiting a waxing salon. The sugaring wax doesn’t also burn the skin, and cold and hot wax options are available.

There are also testimonials saying that sugaring is less painful and that their skin was smoother compared to doing it using traditional waxing products. So if you want clean, hydrated, and smooth skin, we recommend checking this brand out.

Care & Maintenance

Here are some reminders before getting the sugaring wax products from this brand. First, one tub of their wax can last five to six (5-6) months, so you’ll get the most out of your buck with this brand. It can even last longer than six months if you store it in a fridge.

Second, your skin is out of unwanted hair for 3 weeks after sugaring. This is great for peeps who don’t want to frequently remove their unwanted hair.

Lastly, when storing your Strip It! products, don’t place them anywhere that they can be hit by direct sunlight. Store it in a dry, cool, and secure spot, such as the closet. If you’re planning on keeping this in your fridge, do not put it in the freezer; you only need to keep it chilled, not frozen. Don’t also put this in the microwave to “heat the wax.”

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