Comfort Cup

The Comfort Cup is made for exactly what it’s called: comfort! The menstrual period can be bloody and painful, and any little thing that can ease the burden makes a difference. If you’ve been looking for a more eco-friendly solution to your monthly bleed, the Comfort Cup might be what you need! It’s as seamless as a tampon while handling more than your average napkin.

  • What are the benefits of using a menstrual cup?
    Menstrual cups can hold more blood than your usual napkin, reducing the waste you produce during your cycle. It also prevents the fishy smell when menstrual blood is exposed to air.
  • How do I know my Comfort Cup size?
    Comfort Cups can last up to 10 years, while other menstrual products are single-use and take a while before decomposing. Buying a cup every 10 years is not only more convenient but more eco-friendly too!
  • Is it more ethical to use a menstrual cup?
    As mentioned earlier, it is an eco-friendly choice to use menstrual cups as purchasing 3 of them will have you set for years, rather than repeatedly buying and throwing out used pads or tampons. Plus, it’ll save you from spending a ton of money from not spending much on one-time use pads.

Benefits of Comfort Cups

Menstrual cups have been making waves in the fem-hygiene space, and you’ve probably thought about making the big switch. Let Comfort Cups make the decision easier. They’re made to last for 10 years, meaning even if you start your menstrual cup use at your first period, you’ll most likely need to purchase it thrice in your lifetime. It reduces your waste production and saves you money in the long run!

Comfort Cups can also hold 15-20mL of blood, meaning that you’ll likely only have to empty the cup every 6-12 hours, depending on your flow and activity. Comfort Cups are meant to be a seamless experience, and you shouldn’t feel the cup while it’s in you (this is why it’s important to get the perfect size for you).

Different Sizes of Comfort Cups

Make sure that you’ve selected the right size before purchasing your Comfort Cup! A Small Comfort Cup is made for women aged 25 and below, while the Large Comfort Cup may be more suited for those who have given vaginal birth or are above the age of 25. Each woman’s body grows differently over time; menstrual flow, activity level, and even cervix height can all be factors in finding the right size for you.

Making sure you get the right size is important in preventing leakage from the cup! Take a CUP QUIZ to help you figure out which size you should get, or even better, ask your OB/GYNE which cup size is best for you at your next appointment.

Care & Maintenance

Always make sure that you take care of your Comfort Cups to last. Also, they don’t harbor infections and germs – this does go in your body, after all. Caring for your Comfort Cup is simple. Ensure to properly wash the cup with mild soap and water before and after use – you can even do this while you shower!

In between cycles, we suggest you sterilize it by placing the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes and letting the water cool with the cup still in it. Just make sure that the menstrual cup never touches the bottom of the pot. When the water is cool, take it out and dry it with a clean towel. Store it in its container and tuck it away until the next use.

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