If you’re looking for high quality lubricants, gels, and creams to up your sex game, we gotchu! We’re happy to share with you the amazing products of Orgie! Orgie is a Europe-based brand that produces and manufactures high quality lubricants, gels and creams. All their products aim to help boost sexcapades!

  • What is Orgie?
    Orgie is a Europe-based brand that produces and manufactures high quality lubricants, gels and creams. All their products aim to help boost sexcapades!
  • What are the benefits of Lubricants?
    Using a sexual lubricant makes vaginal and anal sex easier for partners. A lubricant can help you ease into penetration, especially if you experience dryness in your vagina and anus.
  • How to use Lubricants?
    Start by squeezing the lube to your hands and lather on the toy, vagina or anus. Remember that there are different types of lubes such as water based, silicone and oil based lubes. A water based lube is ideal for silicone toys while silicone based lube is preferred in anal sex.

History of Stimulants

Stimulants are known to date back to Ancient Greece as they used oil back then, with Ancient Greeks having records of using spit in their sexcapades. And in Asia, the Chinese culture used vegetable oil to lube up their condoms made from animal intestines. Japan, on the other hand, made use of slick lube made from yams.

Our ancestors were pretty creative, that’s for sure. People in ancient times have also used spit during sex. There are even specific references from Chinese jokes in the 18th century regarding it, one of which is about monks discussing whether to have sex “vegetarian-style” or without any spit; not sure with the punchline, but that has been part of Chinese joke collections in the 1700s so that could be funny AF during that time. It was only during the 1800s when silicone-based lubes and synthetic rubber became a thing. Come the 2000s, and a plethora of stimulants, ranging from different flavors to cooling lubes, became available.

Benefits of Using Stimulants

There is a misconception that stimulants are just an additional fluff in the bedroom is completely false. Using a sexual stimulant actually makes vaginal sex easier for both parties. You see, even though the vagina self-lubricates, the volume of lubrication changes every session.

And if the vagina happens to be dryer than usual, both parties may experience soreness on their genitals due to friction. That’s why keeping a bottle of lube is essential during the deed, so if you or your partner experience vaginal dryness, you can still opt for a smoother groove. Some variants also have stimulating effects on it, adding new sensations to your own and your partner’s body. Stimulants are also great for foreplay and oral sex.

Different Types of Stimulants

There are different types of stimulates to choose from when looking into upgrading your sex game. The classic would be the lubricants and gels which helps you get a smoother groove during sex, these are particularly applied on the genitals and the bum to reduce discomfort during penetration with a penis or a toy.

Another type of stimulant are capsules like an erection booster capsule. This type of stimulant helps you get a firmer and longer-lasting erection for longer, steamier plays. Going for some backdoor fun? Prep your bum with an anal relaxtion spray. It provides a cooling sensation on your anal region, helping it to relax during the deed. All these and more stimulants are available in the Lauvette shop!

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