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Keep your sexual plays comfy and fun with the Orgie Lube Tube XTRA MOISTURIZING. It provides long-lasting lubrication for increased pleasure. Developed with a mild and non-sticky formula, this specialized lube also gives hydrating effects to the intimate area.

  • 150ml
  • Water-based lubricant
  • Provides long-lasting superior grade lubrication
  • Has nourishing and hydrating effects on the intimate area
  • Odorless, non-sticky, and easy to clean
  • Safe to use with condoms and sex toys
  • Made in Portugal

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    Orgie Lube Tube XTRA MOISTURIZING Features

    Looking for a long-lasting lubricant for your sexual plays? We got you covered. Take your pleasure to the next level with the Orgie Lube Tube XTRA MOISTURIZING. It comes with a water-based, odorless, non-sticky, and non-staining formula, making it easy to use and clean. Along with the well-crafted formulation, this lubricant comes with long-lasting superior grade lubrication— you don’t have to reapply as often as you would do with regular water-based lube! It’s also safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys and gives hydrating effects to the applied area.

    How to Use this Lube?

    Using this pleasure product is pretty simple. First, flip the cap open and squeeze a few drops of lube in your hands. Massage the lubed-up finger/palm to the genitals or love toys. As this lubricant comes with a superior and long-lasting formulation, a few squirts will go a long way. After using the product, close the cap and store the bottle in a dry, cool, and secure spot. Wash off the lube with soap and water. Precaution: Never swallow. Keep the product away from direct sunlight. Never use the lube past its expiration date. In case of irritation or allergic reaction, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.

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