Lush is a premier sex toy brand determined to create pleasure devices for women. From clitoral vibrators with exchangeable heads to more traditional designs and configurations, Lush will equip you with toys whether you’re getting hot and heavy alone or with a partner.

  • Why should I purchase from Lush?
    Lush creates love toys that you and your lover can enjoy simultaneously. or even enjoy for your solo play sessions. While you should only purchase toys that appeal to you and your sexual preferences, Lush has no shortage of selection that you will find at least one that will suit your needs.
  • Are all vibrators created equal?
    This is hard to determine since we, at Lauvette, are hardly capable of trying out all the vibrators in the world. However, the fact that Lush vibrators have made it to the Lauvette store is a clear indication that Lush vibrators are much more than up to snuff.
  • Why are Lush products the ones for me?
    If you’re looking for a sex to brand that creates vibrators that will not please just one, but both partners simultaneously or those that are straightforward and simple to use, Lush is the perfect answer.

What is Lush?

Lush is a sex toy company that manufactures and designs pleasure products for women. They create products that will titillate your senses and awaken your body’s sexual urges.

Lush’s Commendations

Lush’s praises are typed all across the internet. The strong vibrations they incorporate into their simple, fool-proof designs make them an easy crowd favorite, and you should explore the brand to see what all the hype is about.

Quality and Material

Lush uses body-safe materials in all of their products. They ensure high-quality motors to deliver strong vibrations for your pleasure.

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