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Premium Love Toys

Premium Love Toy

Why You Should Own A Premium Love Toy

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with your under 1000 pesos love toy. Especially if it’s a product that you got from our online love toy shop. You got it at a good price and we made sure it works great. But when you already got the extra cash to splurge, there’s also nothing wrong with owning a premium love toy that can get you thrashing in bed in a totally different experience from your lower end love toy.

Does higher quality mean better performance?

Premium love toys tend to have higher quality. Meaning, they’re made from better materials and are also usually more technologically advanced. Their motors are more powerful and can last for longer periods of time. Even the design itself cuts it above from the rest. They’re not just built to have a visual impact but also with ergonomic purposes.

Lauvette’s Premium Love Toys

With our curation of premium love toys, you get what you’re paying for. Don’t let the price scare you away. They’re love toys that last you a long time and can keep up with your bedroom activities no matter how hard or how fast you go. They come with unique technology that your regular love toy can never recreate.
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