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Bondage Cuffs

Bondage cuffs are BDSM equipment that is used for restraining the sub. They’re designed to be secured on an individual’s wrists or ankles. They’re composed of two circular enclosures linked by a chain or a hinge. Once you secure the device on the wrist or ankles, you close it and lock it. Without the key, the cuffs cannot be removed, and the person with the cuffs will not be able to freely move their arms and legs. This makes many tasks difficult, if not impossible. Cuffs limit the sub’s movement, only allowing them to move as far as the chain allows.

Being on cuffs puts the sub in a compromising position and gives them the feeling of “helplessness.” On the other side, the dom gets a sense of control from this situation. The feeling of losing control and having control is a turn-on for both sides. To make the most out of your adventure using bondage cuffs, do some roleplay. For example, act out a prison escape. You can be the criminal, and your partner can be a police officer, making you pay for all your crimes. Be creative and get down and dirty.

Types of Bondage Cuffs

There are four types of bondage cuffs. The first one is the basic cuffs. This isn’t like the cuffs that police officers use, as you don’t need a key for this. It only uses snaps, zippers, and other adjustment clips to restrain the sub. If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend going for this one.

Next is the love cuffs. Now, they’re basically the same as the basic ones, but they have that additional novelty in them. Basic ones usually are sleek and don’t have designs in them. On the other hand, love cuffs are usually made with faux fur, lace, and other accessories.

The third type is chain cuffs. This is the one you’re most familiar with, as you’ve probably seen this used by police officers. Now, we get that you’re excited to try this out, but this type is only for experienced couples.

Last on the list is grip cuffs. This advanced type isn’t just used to restrain your sub but also has an additional “handle” for the sub to hold on during suspension play.

Bestselling Cuffs

If you’re unsure what cuffs to get from our collection, here are some of the bestselling items on the shop right now. First on our bestseller list is the Royalty Bondage Handcuffs. It has a soft faux fur-like material surrounding the handcuffs that offers comfort and extra kink. Not only that, but these sophisticated handcuffs are adjustable and have a strong clasping closure.

Another bestseller is the Rea Ankle Cuffs. If you’re looking for a basic and no-frills type, then we suggest going for this one. It can fit any ankles from 5.08 to 11.81 inches. The cuffs are also made of faux leather with a foam lining, giving the wearer optimal comfort even for extended periods of use.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Cuff Me Baby BDSM Set. If you want to get handcuffs and ankle cuffs in one, just go for this alluring set. The items included in the kit are durable, fully adjustable, and designed with a soft lining, ensuring your sub’s comfort with every use.

Care & Maintenance

When cleaning your bondage cuffs, it’s important to know the main material of your toy. For leather cuffs, start by detaching the cuffs to their chain (if there’s any). If the straps are made from leather, wipe them with a damp, soapy cloth or leather cleaner. Never soak the leather cuffs on water. Let it air dry; never dry it with direct sunlight. Meanwhile, clean the metal chains with mild soap and water. As for velcro cuffs, you can gently hand wash them, then let them air dry.

As for fur cuffs, it’s best to hand wash them with warm water and mild soap. Let it air dry for a couple of hours. Once it’s all dried up, use a soft-bristled brush to gently brush some of the furs to keep it in its original shape.

After cleaning your cuffs, store them inside a satin or velvet pouch before keeping them inside your closet. This will minimize exposure from dust and dirt and prevent the cuffs from getting cross-contaminated with your other love toys.

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