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Double Ended Dildos

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Double Ended Dildos

What are double ended dildos?

Double ended, double headed, double sided — there are so many names for this dildo This toy has two “ends” that can be used for two things: 1.) simultaneous anal and vaginal stimulation or 2.) lesbian sex. They can be used by two people at the same time to penetrate each other. But even if you’re going solo, you can use this to get both anal and vaginal stimulation at the same time.

A short history of double ended dildos

Dildos aren’t a modern invention. They’ve been used even during the ancient times, and archeologists have dug up phallic-shaped instruments to prove that. Ancient Romans and Greeks have used dildos for pleasure. In fact, in Aristophanes’ anti-war comedy “Lysistrata,” women discuss using and “sharing” dildos to stop the war. They don’t have sex with their husbands and just use dildos to get the pleasure that they need. It was the Romans who are credited to have invented double ended dildos. They use it in “ceremonies” or “with a friend.” Interesting.

How to use double ended dildos

Double ended Dildos can be used with no harness at all. You just have to keep those pelvic muscles working to keep them in place. They may be wobbly at first, but you’ll get used to it. Just the right twist and bend, and it’ll be perfect for usage. When you use it with a partner, find a position that feels easy. Rock back and forth and find a rhythm that suits you both. Don’t forget to use lube to make the penetration more comfortable and more pleasurable!
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