Anal Vibrators


Anal Vibrators

Give your booty the buzzing pleasure that it deserves with anal vibrators! If you want to increase the level of pleasure you’re getting from your backyard fun, anal vibrators are the way to go. Sure, anal plugs are great, but sometimes we want to change things a little and have the bonus effect of vibrations stimulating our little bud of joy.

An anal vibrator is usually three to six inches long and no longer than one inch wide. It comes with a flared base and sometimes with a long handle for easy removal.

What makes this sex toy a standout is its versatility. Whatever your sexual orientation is, you can have fun with this alluring toy. As the anus is filled with rich nerve endings, just a few minutes of stimulating it can bring orgasmic sensations to the body. As for the lads, their prostate gland is inside their anus. It’s basically their most sensitive erogenous zone, so having a sex toy that can stimulate that spot is a must!

If you’re interested in getting this love toy, check out our wide selection of anal vibrators above. We’re the trusted sex toy shop in the Philippines, providing discreet shipping nationwide.

  • What is an Anal vibrator?
    An anal vibrator is usually three to six inches long and no longer than one inch wide. It’s similar to an anal plug but with the effect of vibrations. It comes with a flared base and sometimes with a long handle for easy removal.
  • How to use an Anal vibrator?
    Apply an ample amount of water-based lube on the shaft, turn on the toy and gently insert it in your anus. To use this sex toy, make sure that you’re fully relaxed and ready for the play. It’s good to refer to the toy’s manual for further instructions.
  • How to clean an Anal Vibrator?
    It’s common that anal vibrators can be cleaned with mild soap and water or with a sex toy cleaner, but for good measure, please check your toy’s manual for full instructions.

Types of Anal Vibrator

Same with vaginal vibrators, anal vibrators come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. It also comes in 3 types— vibrating butt plugs, vibrating anal probes, and vibrating anal beads.

Vibrating butt plugs look like typical butt plugs, just with the added vibrating function. It combines the pleasurable feeling of fullness and buzzing sensations.

The next type is anal probes, which have long handles and thinner tips. They’re not meant to give that feeling of fullness, as they’re designed for pinpointed stimulation. Some probes even have flexible tips just to stimulate those hard-to-reach regions. So for our lads looking for an anal vibrator that can provide targeted stimulation to their prostate, we suggest going for this one.

On the other hand, vibrating anal beads are small beads or balls attached to a silicone handle. It’s basically your good ‘ol anal beads, just with the vibrating feature. Unlike the vibrating butt plug nor the probe, it’s designed to move in and out of the anus.

Bestselling Anal Vibrators

Ready to get into the orgasmic world of anal vibrators? If you’re unsure what to pick in the shop, we suggest looking into our bestsellers and see if there’s a love toy that matches your preferences. Here are some of the bestselling anal vibes in the store.

First up is the Shotgun Steel Anal Bead. It’s designed with a flexible shaft and is available in 5 vibrant colors. It also comes with a ring-shaped handle for easy removal. If you’re a newbie in backdoor fun, we suggest starting with this anal vibrator.

Next is the King Baxter Vibrating Anal Plug. If you’re a guy who is looking for a toy that can give pinpointed stimulation in the prostate, make sure to check this one. It has a curvy and flexible shaft and has 10 vibration modes.

Now, if you’re up for some premium anal vibrators, you might want to consider our third bestseller, the SVAKOM Julie Vibrating Anal & G-spot Plug. It comes with a flexible head, 5 vibration patterns, and 5 intensity levels per mode.

Care & Maintenance

When using an anal vibrator, it’s important to take note of your toy’s main material. This will be the basis of what type of lubricant you can use and what type of lube you should steer away from. For instance, if your anal vibe is made with silicone, it’s best to use water-based lube; other types such as silicone-based or oil-based can deteriorate the surface of the sex toy.

As for the cleaning process, it’s pretty simple. Just clean it with warm water and mild soap. Most anal vibrators are waterproof, so rinsing them in running water should be fine. If you plan on submerging your anal vibrators in the water, we suggest checking the waterproof IP ratings first; you can only submerge the toy if it has an IPX7 rating. For a more convenient process, you can also use a sex toy cleaner instead.

Once you’re done cleaning the sex toy, dry it up with a towel, then place it inside a satin or velvet pouch. After that, store it inside a dry, cool, and secure spot.

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