Gildo offers a beautiful selection of sex toys with character. Created with glass that is shaped into a variety of sizes and designs that you’ll want to leave on display, Gildo is a great addition to your bedside selection.

  • Why should I purchase a butt plug?
    Butt plugs are made for exactly what they’re named after, plugging the butt. It’s a sex toy that offers anal pleasure, and for people with prostates, it can stimulate that erogenous zone, too! Gildo designs butt plugs that look and feel luxurious inside and outside the intended orifice.
  • Are glass sex toys superior to other materials?
    The type of material does not make a sex toy superior or inferior as long as they are of the same quality. Gildo has simply chosen to use glass as their medium to showcase their artistry and innovation in the sex toy space. Glass sex toys are easy mediums to play with temperature. It’s easy to warm it with your hands to make allow for warmer entrance, or store it in the fridge for a cooler experience.
  • Why are Gildo products the ones for me?
    Gildo dildos are designed with pleasure in mind. It is designed to hit the right spots while being a pleasure to the eye. With different colors and textures that are made to make sexual ecstasy artistic and animalistic, you’re sure to find one that fulfills all your needs from Gildo.

What is Gildo?

Gildo is a brand of glass dildos that combines artistry with pleasure. They experiment with different colors, textures, and shapes of glass to create the perfect dildo for your needs. Whether you choose on for anal pleasure or for vaginal pleasure, Gildo will have a sex toy that’s perfect for you.

Gildo’s Commendations

Gildo dildos have taken over the sex toy space thanks to their beauty and elegance. Each rave review is thanks to the care in execution and development of the designs.

Quality and Material

Gildo dildos might as well be gilded in gold thanks to all the top quality materials they use. The non-porous material allows you to combine these sex toys with any lubricant you choose. The glass is beautiful and each dildo and butt plug is impeccably made, grab one and see for yourself.

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