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About Satisfyer

The Satisfyer is a globally-recognized sex toy brand aiming to bring groundbreaking sexual wellness toys at accessible price points. Founded in 2016, they’re currently offering more than 200 pleasure products, combining innovative features with stylish and ergonomic designs.

They believe that everyone has the right to discover their sexual potential and enjoy the joys of pleasure. Sensual products should be accessible to all, regardless of sexual preference, socio-economic background, age, gender, or skill level. With this belief, the Satisfyer brand has been continuously working to bring the most inclusive sex toys in the market.

As of today, their premium line consists of vibrators, clit vibrators, masturbators, anal toys, cock rings, and kegel balls. They’ve also added a new line of menstrual cups, an eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads. These products are designed with the best technology available, ensuring maximum pleasure with every use. For example, all of their clit vibrators feature air pressure wave technology. This revolutionary touch-free stimulation system works by surrounding the clitoral area within a silicone tip and gently adding pressure waves or suction-like sensations.

Learn more about the brand’s history, bestsellers, and other essential details below.

History of Satisfyer

Satisfyer is under the Triple-A Internet Shops GmbH, one of the biggest companies in the e-commerce industry founded in 2014 in Bielefeld, Germany. As for the love toy brand, it was established in 2017, starting its operations through its own online shop.

By 2018, the company started launching global campaigns for the sex toy brand, showcasing its products via TV advertisements. They’ve also collaborated with Europe’s award-winning agency Jung Von Matt. They also published full-page print campaigns in the leading women’s magazines, such as Cosmopolitan and Elle. Due to their top-tier products and marketing efforts, Satisfyer toys has become one of the top sex toy brands worldwide.

As of today, they are still one of the leading international love toy brands. They’re continuously expanding their product line, even including interactive and app-controlled toys on it. They have also won awards throughout the years, such as the Brand of the Year 2016 in EAN Magazine, Design Award 2017, and Reddot Award 2017.


Satisfyer has slowly become synonymous with clit suckers, as they have been offering the best clit sucking vibrators in the market. Here are some of the crowd favorites from their product line.

First up is the Satisfyer Pro 2+ Clitoral Stimulator that’s equipped with air-pulse technology, stimulating your clitoris with gentle suction and vibration sensations. Another bestselling clitoral stimulator is the Satisfyer Penguin. It’s designed with a tux-wearing penguin, bringing a fun twist to the usual Satisfyer toys. It features 11 powerful clit suction modes from Satisfyer’s revolutionary Air-Pulse Technology.

Then there’s the Satisfyer Curvy 2+ Clitoral Vibrator. It stimulates the clitoris with a combination of air-pulse pleasure waves and powerful vibrations. Not only that, this sophisticated toy can be controlled by an app, making it the perfect toy for long-distance couples.

Last but definitely not the least is the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. It’s a compact clit-sucking love toy packed with 11 pleasure wave modes– perfect for spontaneous sexcapades. Same with the other clitoral stimulators, it also features Satisfyer’s proprietary Air-Pulse Technology.

Quality & Material

If you’re looking for love toys with top-notch quality, you can surely count on this brand. All Satisfyer products are made from body-safe materials. None of their love toys contain phthalates, jelly rubber, polyvinyl chloride, and other harmful chemicals. All of their sex toys are made with pure silicone and body-safe ABS. This ensures your safety as silicone-made toys are non-porous. This means that bacteria can’t penetrate the surface of your love toy and thrive in there. They also rigorously test each product during its manufacturing process, prioritizing safety and ease of use.

Most of their sex toys are waterproof (IPX7) and can be submerged up to 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. All of their pleasure products are also equipped with whisper-mode technology, enabling the device to have a soft buzz rather than a rattling roar.

As for the app-controlled sex toys, all of their mobile platforms are highly secured. All of your sessions are private, as the development team only acquires information that can facilitate customer support and enhance user experience.

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