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High quality sex toys is what Lelo is most well-known for. Lelo is a Swedish intimate lifestyle company that designs, develops and manufactures upmarket sex toys, BDSM accessories, and massage products. Sold in over 50 international markets, LELO is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden with other offices in Melbourne, San Jose, and Shanghai.

History of Lelo

Lelo started in 2003, in the front room of a Stockholm townhouse, where three designers coalesced at exactly the right place at exactly the right time, with exactly the right idea.

It was an idea that would eventually reshape and transcend the confines of an entire industry, and it began with a simple question: “What if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?” Lelo has come a long way from that Stockholm townhouse. Today, Lelo has offices across the world, from Shanghai to San Jose, and is currently known for innovation with their award-winning products.

Bestsellers Lelo Toys

What makes Lelo toys unique from the typical sex toys in the market is their designs and features.

First is the Lelo Enigma which features a unique design that flutters in all the right places for an orgasm you won’t forget. Aside from the exquisite casing, this love toy also comes with dual stimulation— sonic suction waves for your clit and pulsating vibrations to your g-spot. Next is the Lelo Sila which has a wide opening that lightly encompasses the center of your pleasure for a sensual and slow build-up of orgasmic release. And lastly, the Lelo Soraya 2 which is a rabbit vibrator that offers dual stimulation on the clit and g-spot. It provides pleasure on a whole new level, featuring a sophisticated casing and 12 pulsating vibration settings.

Care and Maintenance

The cleaning process of Lelo toys depends on the material of the toy.

If your toy is made with silicone, glass, stainless steel, or rubber, it’s best to wash them with either warm water and soap or a sex toy cleaner. Just check on the manual first if the toy is waterproof or splashproof. If the toy’s waterproof, you can safely lightly submerge it in water or wash it over a running faucet. If it’s splashproof, you can only wipe it with a damp towel or wash specific spots in a running tap (avoid putting water on battery compartments, buttons, and charging port). As for leather-made toys, it’s best to just wipe them with a damp cloth that has soap in it. After drying the toys, we highly suggest putting the toys individually in a satin pouch or velvet pouch. This will minimize exposure to dirt and dust and prevent contamination from other sex toys. Store it in a cool, dry place and away from children.

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