Unmatched power. Exquisitely divine. Beyond the standard. LELO is one of the world's top designer brands for sex toys and has been the home to some game-changing devices, including Ora 3, Sona 2, Soraya 2, and Sila. They constantly innovate to deliver orgasmic sensations, experimenting with different shapes, textures, and forms of stimulation. With this brand, you'll discover pleasure like no other. Learn more about their story, awards, brand highlights, and top-selling products below.


What is LELO?

LELO started in 2002 when Eric Kalén, Carl Magnuson, and engineer Filip Sedic collaborated in the front room of a Stockholm townhouse. During this time, classy pleasure toys are hard to come by. Most toys come in vulgar designs and bold colors, embodying the playfulness of adult toys— it may look fun. Still, some people don't like the tackiness it brings.

The founders thought that with their expertise in design, they could bring toys that showcase class and elegance. A few months later, they launched the company and released their first pleasure product, Lily, a pebble-like vibrator. After years of hard work, the company that only started in a small front room now has multiple offices across the globe— from Shanghai to San Jose. They've also established themselves as THE luxury pleasure brand, being featured in numerous publications and winning numerous awards.

LELO is one of the top international sex toy companies in the world, with over 17 million products sold to date. You can expect state-of-the-art design and power on their intimate toys, leading the market with innovation, technology, and reputation. They've also turned their brand into something more than their pleasure products. The brand has become a movement, providing people with quality resources and unique campaigns that spread awareness towards sexual wellness.

What is lelo

Why You Should Try LELO

LELO played a key role in the popularity and modernization of the sexual wellness industry. They've transformed the appearance, function, and feel of sex toys. Their goal is to create toys that you no longer have to keep in the hidden compartment in your closet— pleasure products that are crafted for the modern woman.

Along with its minimalist and chic designs, LELO prides itself on having high-quality devices. All their sex toys are made with medical-grade silicone, considered the safest material for pleasure devices. Silicone is non-porous, which means bacteria won't be able to stick to the surface after washing it off. They also pioneered features like Cruise Control, PreMotion Technology, and more.

As they continued to provide an experience of ecstasy to customers, they eventually got recognition in numerous award-giving bodies, like Adultex Awards, XBIZ Europa Awards, and Cannes Lion Award. They've also been featured in publications such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Vice, Women's Health, The New York Times, and more. See their brand highlights below.


Unique Portfolio of Pleasure Products

LELO continues to surprise the market with unique pleasure toys. Whatever your gender, skill level, relationship status, and preference, there is a toy that matches you. Their collection consists of clit suckers, masturbators, rabbit vibrators, mini vibrators, rabbit vibrators, clitoral vibrators, couple vibrators, wand massagers, ben wa balls, and more. These pleasure products are of exceptional quality, leading you to a fulfilling intimate life.


Sold in Over 160 Countries

The price range may be higher than other intimate wellness brands, but people still flock to LELO sex toys. In fact, they've sold over 17 million products to date. Their company also evolved from a handful of designers and manufacturers to around 300 employees across the globe. With their dedication to bringing the

best sexual wellness products to the market, expect those numbers to grow over time.


All Products Combine Power and Elegance

Wanna know why people love LELO? Look at their bestselling sex toys above, and you'll see why. All of their toys are beautifully done, steering away from the typical designs that you see in the market— soft shapes, modern colors, velvet-soft surfaces, and elegant accents. Along with its timeless look, all their products are packed with power, bringing you the best experience possible. Shining, shimmering, splendid!


Innovators in the Sexual Wellness Space

LELO has over 200 patents, which are products of their neverending innovation and experimentation. They've launched multiple technologies for their pleasure devices, including Infinite Loop Technology, WaveMotion Technology, Sensonic Technology, and PreMotion Technology. Curious about how these technologies work? See them in action through Sona 2 Cruise, F1S V2X, Ina Wave 2, Ora 3, Dot, Sila, and Ida Wave.


20+ Years in the Business

With their impressive product line, unmatched innovation, solid reputation, brilliant branding, and unstoppable drive, it's no surprise that LELO has continued to be at the top of the market for over 20 years. They even offer sexual wellness products away from their pleasure collection, such as FemCare products and condoms. If you're looking for sex toys that exceed expectations, you can count on this brand.


Still trying to figure out what to get from LELO? We're here to help you out. This brand has a higher price point, so you must get something that perfectly matches your needs. We recommend listing the things you want in a pleasure toy and matching them with our selection above. But if you want some quick recommendations, we gotchu.

If you like clitoral stimulation, you'll surely love the Sila. It has a wide opening, encompassing the center of your pleasure for a sensually slow buildup and intense climax. There's also the F1S V2X, an app-enabled masturbator built with premium-grade motors, highly sensitive sensors, and SenSonic™ technology.

As for those who prefer g-spot or vaginal stimulation, the Soraya 2, takes the cake. This bestseller provides pleasure on a whole new level, as it comes with a chic design and 12 pulsating vibration modes. It provides the best of both worlds. But if you want to mix up a clit sucker and vibrator, look no further, as the Enigma will take your breath away. It features sonic suction waves for your clitoris and pulsating vibrations to your g-spot.

Awards & Other Achievements

LELO has bagged numerous awards and accolades over two decades of operations thanks to its state-of-the-art pleasure products. In 2014, they were awarded Product Design Winner for Ora and were the first sexual wellness brand to win the award. They also received the "Best Luxury Toy Range" by Adultex Awards in 2019. In 2020, XBIZ Europa Awards gave them "Excellence in Product Packaging" and, a year later, the "Luxury Brand of the Year."

They've also been featured in publications. Cosmopolitan Magazine says LELO is "one of the best-known names in the game, and for good reason: Its products really, really deliver." Meanwhile, Glamour said, "The Swedish brand's products are basically unparalleled in their battery life, durable materials, body-friendly design, and variety; if you're looking for a luxury sex toy that's actually worth the investment, Lelo is the place to find it."

The brand has also been featured in Women's Health Magazine. They exclaimed, "Scandinavian sexual wellness brand Lelo has raised the bar, and the sex tech revolution has officially started."

Come Together

Join the self-care movement with LELO! Discover the wonders of pleasure and elevate your intimate plays with their sexual wellness devices. Whether you're a newbie or a sex toy enthusiast, you'll have a blast with their inclusive product line.

If you're interested in getting one yourself, good news! This international sex toy brand is available in Lauvette, the premier sexual wellness provider in the Philippines. Scroll above to see their vibrators, penis rings, masturbators, wand massagers, clit suckers, kegel balls, lubricants, and more. Happy shopping!

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