Hex Condoms Original 3s

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Having sex? Go with Hex. The Hex Condoms Original 3s promises incredible durability and superior comfort, featuring a hexagonal structure that you haven’t seen in other brands.

  • Size: length 7″ / thickness 0.0017″
  • Natural latex condoms
  • Hexagonal cell structure for superior fit and durability
  • Ultra-thin, transparent, neutralized scent, and teat-ended
  • Easy to unroll and wear
  • Nominal width of 2.1″

Stock is available

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    Hex Condoms Original 3s Features

    Safe sex is the best kind of sex! Whether doing the usual rendevous with your casual fling or doing the deed with a life partner, you can count on HEX Condoms Original 3s for full protection. This premium condom brand contains 3 packets of natural latex condoms, all made with a hexagonal structure to ensure a comfortable fit. It’s also ultra-thin but incredibly durable; expect no leaks with this one!

    How to Use This Product?

    Get one pack, unwrap it, then pinch the tip. Roll it over your erect penis. To know if you’re unrolling it correctly, the reservoir tip should be pointing upwards. After that, you can proceed with vaginal or anal sex. Never use two condoms at once! Single-use only. If you ever feel any allergic reaction, please remove the condom and wash your penis. Consult your doctor and try non-latex options.

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    5 out of 5
    (1) Reviews
    1. jeg
      fast and easy condom from lauvette! thank you!

    Hex Condoms Original 3sHex Condoms Original 3s
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