Durex Performa Condoms & Water-Based Lubricant Set


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Say yes to peak performance with the Durex Performa Condoms & Water-Based Lubricant Set! This bundle has everything you need to have fun and last longer in the bedroom, including the following items:

  • 1 Durex Performa Condoms 3s (nominal width 2.07″ / has 5% benzocaine lube to help you last longer / teat-ended / lubricated / clear and transparent / easy-on design)
  • 1 Lauvette Water-Based Lubricant (50ml / random flavor/ edible / body-safe and long-lasting formula)

Stock is available

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    Durex Performa Condoms & Water-Based Lubricant Set Features

    Reaching the peak after a few thrusts do feel frustrating for you and your boo. That’s why aside from improving your stamina, you should also invest in sexual wellness products that could help you last longer, such as the Durex Performa Condoms & Water-Based Lubricant Set.

    This bundle includes the Durex Performa Condoms (3s), which is lubricated with a specialized lube that has 5% of benzocaine. This lube can provide longer-lasting pleasure for you and your partner. It also has an easy-on design which makes it easy to unroll.

    As for the included Lauvette Lubricant, it’s made with body-safe, non-greasy, and long-lasting formula. It comes in various flavors, and through this bundle, you’ll get to have one bottle of that heavenly goodness.

    How to Use this Set?

    Before ordering this bundle, please note that the condom is made with natural rubber latex. It may trigger allergic reactions, which can be intense as anaphylactic shocks if you’re allergic to it. Refrain from getting it and check out our product page for non-latex condoms. If you don’t have any issue with the material, go ahead and get this fun bundle!

    Using condoms is easy and simple. Get one wrapped condom from the box, unwrap it, pinch the teat end, then gently unroll it in your erection. Wait for a few seconds to feel the effects of benzocaine.

    As for the water-based lube, open the cap, pump a few drops of the lubricant in your hand, then massage it in your preferred erogenous zone. Once you’re done with the deed, store the items in a dry, cool, and secure space.

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    Durex Performa Condoms & Water-Based Lubricant SetDurex Performa Condoms & Water-Based Lubricant Set
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