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Bloom is a sex toy brand has vibrators for the clit and g-spot that guarantee high satisfaction. Bloom has a chic and soft design and has the perfect aim when it comes to hitting pleasure spots. The elegant toys from Bloom feature a unique swipe technology that lets you easily change vibration intensities, giving a tingling experience with varied intensities. Bloom features the Tulip Clitoris Vibrator, the Orchid Wand Vibrator, the Rose G-spot Vibrator and the Violet Rabbit Vibrator.

History of Vibrators

There are plenty of myths that surround the origins of vibrators for women. One of which is that the first electro-mechanical vibrator was a device called a “percuteur” invented by British physician Joseph Mortimer Granville in the late 1870s or early 1880s.

Granville thought that vibration powered the human nervous system, and he developed the percuteur as a medical device for stimulating ailing nerves. The true origins of this love toy happened during the 19th and 20th centuries. Some women of the upper and middle class were having “hysterical” symptoms. At that time, it didn’t count as sex because the act was done through external stimulation. The doctors started to have aching wrists and hands because of the number of women getting regular treatments. Physician George Taylor thought he needed a break and invented the steam-powered vibrator for women called “Manipulator” for medical use.

Benefits of Using Bloom Vibrators

The clitoris is a key area for sexual pleasure for people who have vulvas. Clitoral and g-spot vibrators can directly stimulate the clit, the g-spot which can lead to intense orgasms that happen quickly.

Research says that for nearly 75% of women, penetrative sex alone won’t lead to an orgasm, and 83% need clitorial stimulation to get there. Using a Bloom vibrator can be one way to get to greater arousal and a better chance at an orgasm with the varied sensations it offers. And for women suffering from painful periods and cramps, orgasms have long-been a pain relief trick. But did you know it can help with pain anywhere in the body? This is because all those hormones released after orgasm dull the receptors that would otherwise be signaling to you that you’re in pain.Regular orgasms lead to less stress, and less stress leads to a healthier heart So be sure to grab your vibe next time you stub your toe.

Quality & Material

When it comes to their sex toys’ quality and material, you can assure that Bloom selects the best materials, aiming to achieve nothing less than perfection.

Smooth tips and gentle on the skin, the Bloom’s pleasure toys will give your clitoris and erogenous zones the caresses they deserve. Its soft tips have the perfect aim when they come to hitting your ultimate pleasure spots. Their sensual devices are made from eco-friendly ABS and body-safe silicone and free from jelly rubber, phthalates, PVC, and other harmful materials. Their toys also have a unique swipe technology to swap vibration intensities, helping you find the stimulations that you need.

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