If you’re looking for a sex toy brand that guarantees satisfaction from clitoral and g-spot stimulation, Bloom is exactly what you’re looking for. Hitting pleasure with chic and elegant designs that always land a perfect hit. Bloom features a swipe technology that allows for easy navigation of the different vibration intensities that have you feel various pleasurable sensations.

  • Why is masturbation important?
    The want for pleasure is a natural human instinct. While sex can satisfy that need in some, it does not quite the solution for all – that’s where masturbation comes in. Taking control of your own pleasure helps make achieving pleasure a bit easier.
  • What are the benefits of using a vibrator?
    Vibrators help make your masturbation experience even more pleasurable. The variety of vibration settings and erogenous zones that Bloom vibrators, in particular, are designed to pleasure can make chasing those majestic orgasms simpler and make your ecstasy even more intense.
  • Why is Bloom the brand for me?
    Bloom vibrators are made for pleasure. The variety of styles that Bloom vibrators provide has one thing in common, ergonomic design and powerful vibrations that make orgasms undeniable.

History of Vibrators

Many myths and legends surround the origin of the vibrator. One famous story is that the British physician Joseph Mortimer Granville created the first electro-mechanical vibrator called a “percuteur” in the late 1870s or early 1880s.

Granville believed that the human nervous system was powered by vibrations, and he developed the percuteur as a medical device for stimulating nerves. Its true origins were in the 19th and 20th centuries. Upper and middle-class women had “hysterical” symptoms, and the supposed cure was for a doctor to vaginally stimulate the ailing woman. Doctors would have aching wrists and hands because the women get regular treatments.

Finally, a physician named George Taylor needed a break. He invented a steam-powered vibrator called the “Manipulator” for medical use – a prototype for the modern-day vibrator.

Benefits of Using Bloom Vibrators

Vibrators from this brand come in chic pastel colors, embodying the modern woman. Not only that but they’re designed with swipe technology for easier use. It also efficiently stimulates external and internal erogenous spots, such as the clitoris and g-spot.

The clitoris is an important pleasure point for vulva-owners. Vibrators that directly target the g-spot and clitoris can lead to quickly achieved, intense orgasms.

Penetrative sex alone will not lead to orgasms; the clitoris needs some attention! A Bloom vibrator can help you have a more satisfying sexual experience. Orgasms, sex, and masturbation can help ease pain caused by periods and sometimes even headaches.

Quality & Material

Bloom sex toys select the best materials to use in manufacturing their products. They aim to achieve nothing less than perfection.

Bloom’s pleasure toys are made to give your clitoris and other erogenous zones the pleasure they deserve with gentle smooth tips on the skin. Eco-friendly ABS and body-safe silicone are used in all their products, and they make sure that they are free from phthalates, jelly rubber, PVC, and other harmful materials.

They are also built with powerful motors, sending deep vibrations on internal and external erogenous zones. And they’re designed with advanced swipe technology, making it easier to change the vibration modes and/or intensities.

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