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Pleasure toys come in different shapes and sizes. However, most brands follow a certain curve or design. For instance, most mini vibrators are bullet-shaped, while g-spot vibrators have a curved body and tapered head. There is nothing wrong with these designs, but people with a certain visual taste yearn for refreshingly unique toys— items that could be mistaken as works of art.

That's when the Iroha comes in. It's an intimate wellness brand created by Tenga, one of the world's most popular brands for masturbators. They offer stunning pleasure toys, redefining what sex toys should look and feel like.


What is Iroha?

Iroha is a sexual wellness brand created by Tenga, an international sex toy company for masturbators. They believe that self-pleasure is a key element of self-care. They offer elegant and artful sex toys that respond to one's sensual needs. When you get any of their pleasure toys, you won't simply get a sex toy, but an eye candy that you can proudly display in your bedroom. All of their

products are delicately handled by artisans and sex toy designers, ensuring beauty and power are combined in every device.

Aside from their impeccable designs, Iroha delivers quality beyond compare. Most of their pleasure products are made with body-safe silicone and ABS. These materials are considered the safest materials for sex toys as they're durable, non-porous, and soft to the skin— users can confidently use the toys in their intimate areas.

Their collection consists of clitoral vibrators, g-spot vibrators, and wand massagers. They also recently launched Iroha Petit, a collection of supple, non-vibrating massagers for the clitoris. They come in different textures, enhancing your self-pleasure plays. As for awards, their products have been featured in Red Dot Design Awards and TOP Awards Asia, all hailing their unmatched product and packaging design. Learn more about Iroha, including its brand highlights, bestsellers, and featured publications below.

What is iroha

Why You Should Try Iroha

Iroha is a sex toy brand like no other. They never tried to conform to the sex toy design trends and instead took risks in their design choices. You can see that with some of their clitoral vibrators that look like table centerpieces. They don't look like something you would press in your clitoris, which is why they're a great brand. They embody sexual exploration, trying out new shapes and sizes that will surprise their clientele. Iroha even launched new innovations this year, such as squishy pads used for clitoral play.

But along with the experimental approach in design, they conform to the quality standards for their sex toys. Every unit is made of the finest materials, and all are non-porous, which means bacteria can't thrive there. You must wash off the product with a sex toy cleaner or gentle cleanser and water; it'll be as good as new.

And because of their continuous production of uniquely designed and powerful pleasure products, they've been recognized in various design awards, including Red Dot Design Awards and TOP Awards Asia. Their toys have also been featured in Teen Vogue, Women's Health, Mashable, New York Post, Self, and other well-known publications.

If you're still considering whether you should try Iroha or not, you can check our brand highlights below and see that it's an undeniable choice when it comes to high-end pleasure products.


Created by Tenga

Tenga is an international sex toy brand known for its masturbators with vacuum-like sensations. Thanks to their unique designs and superb quality, they are one of the bestselling brands for male pleasure products. Some of their bestsellers include Tenga Gyro Roller Cup and Tenga Rolling Head Cup. With this brand on Iroha's side, you can expect that Iroha pleasure products are also made with exceptional craftsmanship and dedication.


Functionality Meets Artistry

As you can see in our collection above, Iroha by Tenga turns sex toys into art pieces, weaving perfectly into the aesthetic of the current generation. They look

and feel good. But the design comes with function, as each curve and nub in their products are made to please. If you're looking for something you can proudly place on your nightstand, you must try this brand's pleasure products.


Exceptional Quality

As mentioned earlier, medical-grade silicone is the material for most Iroha products. Known for their durable and non-porous quality, their pleasure toys are guaranteed safe. They've also built strong motors that deliver rumbly vibrations, ensuring they can pack a punch. As long as you're using a sex toy cleaner or doing deep cleaning with their items, you have nothing to worry about.


10 Years in the industry

Iroha by Tenga continues to leave an impressive mark in the sexual wellness industry, as they've recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. They've had several bundles, giveaways, and other promos to share with their clientele. With their high-quality pleasure products, it's no surprise that they've reached this milestone, but it also shows you how this brand is dedicated to bringing the most artful erotic toys to the market.


There's a Toy for Every Budget

Iroha may be a premium sex toy brand, but some products come with accessible prices. For instance, the Iroha Zen Mini Vibrator and Iroha Rin Vibrator are cheaper than their other luxurious counterparts. There are also expensive ones for those who want to spoil themselves with these beauties, such as the Iroha Yoru Clitoral Vibrator. Whether you wanna save or splurge, there's something that'll match your budget.


Planning to get a sex toy from this brand? If you're still deciding what to get, we've got recommendations for you. These are suggestions only; you can always scroll up and pick whatever your heart desires!

First is the Iroha Sakura Clitoral Vibrator, featuring a delicate design inspired by the Seasonal Sakura trees. It has deep vibrations and a velvet-soft finish that'll leave you addicted. If you want something with stronger vibrations, you can go with the Iroha Rin Vibrator; it has a sleek and artful design, steering away from a wand massager's typical shapes and colors. It's battery-operated and whisper-quiet, making it a convenient addition to your trips. On the other hand, the Iroha Temari Kaze Clitoral Vibrator will surprise you with its unique design. It features a plump shape and six powerful vibration modes. Like the other pleasure toys from this brand, it's waterproof, rechargeable, and whisper-quiet. There's also the Iroha Kushi Clitoral Vibrator that features a seashell-inspired casing and pulsating vibrations. You can check more of these gems above!

Awards & Other Achievements

With their artful creations, Iroha has been recognized in numerous design awards, such as the Red Dot Design Awards (Product Design 2017 and Product Design 2015) and OP Awards Asia (Product Packaging 2017). The pleasure products featured in these events are Iroha Yoru, Iroha Kushi, Iroha Tori, Iroha Sakura, Iroha Minamo, and Iroha Mikazuki. As they continuously bring innovation and deliver breathtakingly stunning toys, expect their trophy cabinet to be filled with more awards.

The brand has also been a constant feature in magazines and female-oriented blogs, such as Teen Vogue, Self, Mashable, Women's Health, PureWow, Refinery 29, and New York Post. The products featured in these publications are Iroha Temari, Iroha Mini, Iroha Midori, and Iroha Stick, all commended for their stylish looks, unique shapes, and deep vibrations. With all their press features and awards, it's no surprise that Iroha By Tenga is now Japan's number one self-pleasure luxury brand for women.

Redefine Pleasure

Stunning. Stylish. Spectacular. Iroha is a unique wonder in the sexual wellness space. The beauty of their pleasure products is as powerful as the vibrations these sex toys carry. If you want something you can proudly show off or something discreet to bring on your vacation trips, this is your sign to order from this brand. Iroha is available at Lauvette, the leading sex toy brand in the Philippines. Please scroll up to see their collection. If you need help with anything, please message us on our chatbox on the right side of the website. Happy shopping!

A new beginning in pleasure for women.
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