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Iroha by Tenga

Iroha by Tenga redefines pleasure. They recognize the importance of eating well, being active, and proper rest. But they also bring to the forefront the importance of pleasure.
Iroha by Tenga is a brand created for women by women so that their products may provide delectable experiences that cater to your needs and preferences.

  • Why are pleasure products made by women for women important?
    Sensual care products made by women for women are important because who would have better understanding of how to pleasure a woman that to whom the body belongs? Iroha by Tenga hones in on this fact to create and develop products that do not only focus on shapes to best give pleasure, but comfort and ease of use, too!
  • Are all vibrators made the same?
    All vibrators have one goal: pleasure. Iroha by Tenga sets itself apart by not only prioritizing pleasure, but beautiful design, and ease of use. The nature-inspired shapes and textures they incorporate will have you catching butterflies of euphoria.
  • Why are Iroha by tenga products the ones for me?
    If you want a showpiece and a sex toy rolled into one product, you can rely on Iroha by Tenga products to deliver. They give the term ‘discreet sex toys’ such a different meaning from what you’ve ever known. Check out Lauvette’s selection of Iroha by Tenga toys.

What is Iroha by Tenga?

Iroha by Tenga is a sex toy company that understands that a part of wholistic wellness is sexual pleasure. They aim to fulfill that need by providing women with sex toys that are approachable, beautiful, and effective. It does not matter whether you’re new to sex toys or you already have more than a couple in your toy box, you’ll find that all Iroha by Tenga products are easy to use and easy to clean.

Iroha by Tenga’s Awards

Iroha by Tenga products have a couple of awards to reinforce their greatness. They won the Red Dot Design Award for product design in 2015 for the Yuki, Midori, Sakura, Minamo, and Mikazuki. Then in 2017, they won the Topawards Asia in 2017 – TOP stands for The Outstanding Package, for the Yuki, Midori, and Sakura. They also won the Red Dot Design Awards in 2017 in product design for the Yoru, Kushi, and Tori.

Quality and Material

Iroha by Tenga ensure that all their products are impeccably designed and made from the best materials. Body-safe and effectivity are the priority in their creation, and the brand definitely delivered.

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