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If you've been an internet junkie for the past few years, you probably heard about a clit sucking vibrator that went viral because one of a user's reviews about it— she literally "stared at her ceiling dazed trying to remember who she was and what year it is" after having multiple intense orgasms. Whether you've stumbled upon this news or not, we're excited to let you know that the brand behind it is now available in our shop! Tracy's Dog is known for their "mind-blowing sex toys trained to obey your commands." Learn more about their brand below.

tracys dog

What is Tracy's Dog?

Let us start by stating the obvious— "Tracy's Dog" doesn't give off sensual vibes at all, but it's called that for a good reason. The brand aims to deliver the best pleasure companions for everyone, featuring "sex toys that bite back with balanced elements, intuitive controls, and supreme mechanics."

Launched in 2015, the global sex toy brand delivers diverse pleasure products that support your unique anatomy. Using premium materials and impeccable technologies, they can build toe-curling, orgasm-inducing sex devices to the point that one of their sucking vibrators went viral. Not only that, but their toys come with different designs to accommodate everyone's preferences. Whether you prefer a slimmer or chunkier shaft, a vibrating clit sucker, or solely a clit sucker, you can count on this bestselling brand.

No wonder in 2019, a first-time user of their sucking vibrator ended up experiencing the most intense self-pleasure session of their life— the Os were so good that she wrote a detailed review about it on the shop's Amazon page. This review brought the brand to greater heights than its billboard, and multiple ads could compete. But the journey doesn't end after their viral success. As they expand their market, including in the Philippines, Tracy's Dog will continue flourishing as their developers work harder than ever to create better toys for the masses.

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Why You Should Try Tracy's Dog

So you want to get toys from this brand but are unsure if it's the right call? Seen the prices above and wondering if it's worth it? We're here to reassure you that this brand is top-notch, and many reviews and publications can validate this claim.

Tracy's Dog's official website says their mission is to "become your faithful and loyal companion for personal perving." They believe that everyone should be able to experience pleasure without the BS. That's why over the last eight years, they've constantly delivered superior sex toys that accommodate every body type, preference, and kink. Whether you're in a relationship or going solo, there's a sex toy from this brand that could win you over.

Their sex toys are also made with body-safe and premium materials, ensuring that you won't be dealing with risks that people usually get from cheap and sketchy sex toys. They also come in different styles. Whether you want something sleek, vibrant, or funny, you can count on this brand to deliver.

viral sucking vibrator

Home to the Viral Sucking Vibrator

This brand broke the internet and hyped up the sex toy market, thanks to their viral Amazon review. It's pretty long, but one of the unforgettable lines from it is, "Hydrate; make sure you don't have to do anything that involves decisions or brainpower for the rest of the day. And for the love of god, stretch like you are about to run the 500-meter dash." She's right; you'll want to play with their toys all day.

made with premium materials

Made With Premium Materials

All Tracy's Dog Pleasure products are made with quality materials like medical-grade silicone and ABS. Just touch one of their toys, and you can feel how velvet-smooth it is. This also means that all toys are safe to contact with genitals. Another thing to note is that all of the toys are non-porous, which means no bacteria can stick to them once you've cleaned them with water and a gentle cleanser or sex toy cleaner.

inclusivity is in their dna

Inclusivity is in their DNA

Tracy's Dog accommodates everybody, every preference and every fantasy. The official website states, "Our stash includes gadgets of all shapes and sizes to ensure maximum satisfaction. Go solo or enjoy partner play to exercise more control over your sex life. Or take a walk on the wild side with one of our deluxe devices." They cater to vaginal, clitoral, anal, and penile stimulation, ensuring the toys hit all the right spots.

uniquely designed sex toys

Uniquely Designed Sex Toys

Another great thing about this brand is its design choices. Every curve and texture is crafted with the utmost satisfaction in mind. They're not just pretty, but they come with impressive features. They also cater to different styles. Into sleek love toys? There are sex toys that come with soft curves and muted tones. Like sex toys that are on the fun side? Rose and duck-shaped sex toys are there to bring more joy in the bedroom!

loyal to your pleasure

Loyal to Your Pleasure

Like our furry pals, Tracy's Dog has unmatched loyalty to their bringing the best pleasure to their users. As shared on their official website, "People should be the boss of their bedrooms. So our team works like a dog developing upgrades to accommodate evolving desires and shifting trends." They're continuously evolving and have a "Sex Toy Tester Program" to ensure all their products meet their standards.


If you're planning to get a love toy from this brand but need help deciding what to get, we're here to help! Let's start our bestsellers list with the Tracy's Dog OG Pro 2 Clit Sucker and Vibrator with Remote. It's the upgraded version of the viral sucking vibrator, stimulating the G-spot with strong vibrations and the clitoris with suction-like sensations. It also has a remote to switch its 10 vibration and suction modes easily.

Next is the Tracy's Dog Lay-On Panty Vibrator with Remote. It's great for people who prefer clitorial stimulation, as it comes with a flat shape that easily fits the contours of your body. It has 12 vibration modes and a remote control to easily use the toy. You can also have sultry fun with this in public.

Then there's the Tracy's Dog OG Flow Bean Clit Sucker and Vibrator, which is perfect if your clitoris and vagina have a smaller gap in them (yes, distances between the vaginal opening and clitoral nub can vary). It's built with the Pleasure Air technology, has a bendable shaft, and stimulates both the clitoris and vagina at the same time.

Awards & Other Achievements

As of today, the brand hasn't got any design awards yet, but thanks to their viral review, they've been featured in numerous magazines and other media outlets. They've been featured in Glamour, discussing the viral review about their sucking vibrator. There's also a special feature from Vice, talking about their best-selling toys, such as Tracy's Dog OG Flow Bean Clit Sucker and Vibrator and Rose Clit Licking Vibrator. The Sun also published an article discussing the viral review of the sucking vibrator and the other Amazon reviews about the said toy.

Aside from the viral review, some publications included Tracy's Dog toys as part of their "top sex toy" listicles. Allure picked Tracy's Dog Clitoral Licking Vibrator as as the best vibrator overall for 2023. Meanwhile, Cosmopolitan chose Tracy's Dog La Rosa and Tracy's Dog OG Pro2 in their "best-reviewed vibrators in Amazon" article. This shows that this brand has consistently delivered exceptional toys in the market. And though they have yet to be nominated for awards, we'll definitely be going to witness it someday.

Feel Fiery. Fulfill fantasies.

You deserve to feel pure pleasure and freedom, which is why this brand will continuously explore and evolve when developing its pleasure devices. Robust features, responsive interfaces, deep vibrations, stunning designs— these things are at the core of their company and will be their standard when building new products. So experience blissful orgasms by getting yourself a Tracy's Dog toy today. Promise, they're worth every cent spent. Lauvette is an official retailer of this brand; scroll above to see what's available in our store. Happy shopping!

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