Nala Woman

Nala Woman is a menstrual care brand made in the Philippines. The women behind the brand wanted safe and sustainable products free from harmful chemicals, plastics, and artificial fibers that ended up littering our oceans and landfills. After years of sourcing and designing, they finally came up with the best possible period products for Nala Woman.

  • What is Nala Woman?
    Nala Woman is a brand that takes feminine TLC seriously. They do their best to ensure a healthy vaginal ecosystem through your period so that the menstrual cycle is the celebration of womanhood that it should be.
  • How do I know what tampon size is best for me?
    Tampon sizes depend on your flow and physical activities. It is best to have both Nala Regular Tampons and Nala Super Tampons on hand to prepare you no matter what your flow is that day.
  • Is the use of natural cotton in these products important?
    Yes! Gynecologists, midwives, and obstetricians recommend using natural cotton products for intimate hygiene. It ensures maximum absorbency and optimal humidity compatibility with your skin.

Benefits of Nala Products

Nala products are made in the Philippines for all menstruating individuals. They’re made with organic cotton to ensure maximum absorbency and compatibility with the humidity and pH levels that feel soft and pleasant on the skin.

Supporting products made by women that are used in the Philippine environment means that they know the discomfort that can be caused by other locally-available products. It is made for the Philippine climate and the usual activities Filipinos experience.

Tampon Instructions

Tampons are meant to be inserted in your vagina to catch the blood before it exits your body. To insert a Nala tampon, simply insert the cardboard applicator into your vagina. Once the applicator is completely inserted, push the skinny end upwards to eject the absorbent material.

Toss away the applicator and forget about it for 4-8hours. Pull the string to extract the tampon and replace it at the end of the cycle.

Care & Maintenance

Remember to change your tampon every 4-8 hours. Make sure to wash your genital area every time you are done fully using a tampon to ensure good hygiene. Always wash your hands before removing or inserting a tampon to avoid infections.

Additionally, since our vaginas are absorbent, scented tampons can cause real discomfort and pH imbalance. If you can’t use scented body wash on your vagina without suffering from some serious irritation, then you should avoid using scented tampons, too. With Nala tampons, you avoid irritation as Nala pads and tampons are all-natural and unscented.

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