Cruizr innovates your masturbation experience. It combines technology with practicality and pleasure. Cruizr is a men-only brand with a sophisticated character and names in the line of the maritime theme. With a focus on waves of pleasure you can ride with ease, Cruizr is the perfect brand for intimate luxury.

  • Why should I purchase a masturbator?
    Your hands are ok for a run-of-the-mill masturbation session, but sometimes you just want a little bit more. A masturbator from Cruizr levels up your self-pleasure session with an ease reminiscent of a Sunday breeze. Once you experience one of these top-tier pleasure toys, there will be no turning back.
  • Why should I purchase a penis pump?
    Penis pumps can help men get and maintain erection. Cruizr pumps ensure that you enjoy the pumping process by combining vibrating and sucking functions. It’s clear casing makes sure that you pump your shaft to the perfect size.
  • Why are Cruizr products the ones for me?
    Cruizr products are the pick for you if you’re in the market for penis pumps or masturbators that are designed with modernity and sleekness in mind. Cruizr combines technology with phallic fantasy.

What is Cruizr?

Cruizr is a luxury brand that focuses on men’s pleasure toys like penis pumps and masturbators. One of their most notable masturbators comes with a voice activating feature that provides you with audio stimulation if you so chose. Explore the different innovative products they have in store. It’s worth looking into if you’re getting into luxury self-pleasure devices.

Cruizr’s Commendations

Cruizr is a brand that had been well-received thanks to its innovative products that have consistently impressed markets by pushing boundaries in the world of male self-pleasure.

Quality and Material

Cruizr prides itself on providing you with a luxury masturbation experience and with that comes the assurance that all materials used are not only body-safe, but that they feel amazing, too! And for specific products, they sound amazing, as well. Soft-silicone that is easy to clean, a USB cable that delivers consistent charging power, and manuals that are easy to access via QR codes on the pacakging.

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