FeelzToys’ philosophy is to put good things in the world, and their pleasure toys are definitely good things. They make an effort to innovate environmentally friendly, high quality, and neutrally-packed products.

No potentially toxic materials are incorporated in any of their products, so you can rest assured that any product you pick from FeelzToys has your pleasure and health in mind.

  • Why should I purchase a sex toy from FeelzToys?
    FeelzToys ensure a unique masturbation or foreplay experience. Thanks to the great minds behind the brand, they come out with textures that have never been tried before. They also offer a few products that focus on erogenous zones that other pleasure brands may neglect. Check out our selection of FeelzToys products!
  • Why should I purchase remote-controlled toys?
    Remote-controlled toys are a great addition to your collection of naughty goodies. They’re perfect for partner or solo plays, and can be used for getting warmed up or when you’re ready for the main event. If you love risky public plays, than there’s not question that FeelzToys is a brand you should explore.
  • Why are FeelzToys products the ones for me?
    FeelzToys does it part to leave as little of a footprint on the environment as possible. If these efforts resonate with you, then look into FeelzToys. Pleasure feels even better when you know that your advocacies align with those of the company that has made your ecstasy possible.

What is FeelzToys?

FeelzToys is a luxury brand that makes sure that they do their part in protecting the environment while creating and developing sex toys that deliver ecstasy and innovation. Explore the world of remote-controlled vibrators that FeelzToys has created and see which ones excite you the most. Shop the brand with your partner so that you can both enjoy them together. If remote-controlled goodies aren’t your favorites, that’s fine – they also have a selection of traditional vibrators and dildos with a little tweak to their shapes that make them that much more special.

FeelzToys’ Commendations

FeelzToys creates vibrators that aren’t just made for your g-spot and clitoris, they’ve come out with toys that focus on the often neglected nipples – an extremely underrated erogenous zone. Their innovation and realization that there was a gap in the market have allowed the brand to find a loyal fanbase that share their reviews online.

Quality and Material

FeelzToys ensure that they use only the very best grade silicone for amazing feeling toys. The soft supple texture of their body-safe materials makes it enjoyable to use no matter where the toy is focused.

FeelzToys are completely phthalate-free that is tested by one of the biggest independent testing laboratories in the world.

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