Rianne S.

The Rianne S. sex toys are a collection of sexy goodies and treats that are perfect for those who love everything sweet and sappy. Soft colors and graceful shapes that will cater to Polly Pocket nostalgia.

  • Why should I purchase a Rianne S. sex toy?
    If you’re into pleasure, spice, and everything nice, the Rianne S. toys were designed for your sensibilities. Touting femininity and strength at the same time, Rianne S. toys are a things to behold.
  • Are clitoral vibrators a one-size-fits-all?
    Since clitoral vibrators are meant to be used externally, so yes. Sizing doesn’t matter for clitoral stimulation, though you may want to take vibration strength and pattern into consideration.
  • Are g-spot vibrators one-size-fits-all??
    G-spot vibrators get inserted in the vagina, so the size of the shaft of your toy may affect the comfort with which you can use it. Most g-spot vibrators are comfortable sized, but always read and inquire about dimensions if you’re unsure.

What is Rianne S.?

Rianne S. vibrators provide pleasure toys for the modern woman that stir the nostalgia of the 90s. Love toys that only look fun, but deliver unending amount of pleasure, too. You’ll want to display these fun vibrators around your rooms as decor!

Rianne S.’s Commendations

Rianne S. toys are a fun combination of design and sexual pleasure. You’ll find positive reviews for a variety of their products all over the internet. So what’s stopping you from achieving ecstasy with Rianne S. toys? Check out our selection in the Lauvette shop.

Quality and Material

Only the best quality, body-safe materials are used in the production of Rianne S. toys and accessories. They’re made to withstand even the most intense play sessions with your partner or when you’re solo.

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