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Hormony Organic Regular Tampon 8s


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Stay fresh and active during your red days with the Hormony Organic Regular Tampon 8s! It’s made with an organic cotton core, quickly absorbing your flow to maintain dryness. Not only that, but this certified organic tampon is free of harmful chemicals such as allergens, fragrance, chlorine, and others.

  • 100% certified organic tampon
  • Free from allergens, fragrance, chlorine, and other harmful materials
  • Safe to use while swimming
  • Recyclable wrapper
  • Leak-locking design to maintain freshness
  • Includes 8 pcs of tampons
  • Made for regular menstrual flow; 9-12g absorbency
  • No applicator
  • Designed in the Philippines

Stock is available

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    Hormony Organic Regular Tampon 8s Features

    Are you looking for a sustainable alternative to commercial tampons? Hormony has got you covered. The Hormony Organic Regular Tampon 8s is made with an organic cotton core and recyclable wrapper, making it an eco-friendlier option compared to other disposable tampons in the market.

    It comes with a super absorbent core made with organic cotton. It’s biodegradable and only takes about five months to biodegrade. This natural fiber is also renewable, which makes it a sustainable material for this tampon. It also features a recyclable wrapper and has a leak-locking design to ensure a mess-free period.

    Also, tampons are great for women who lead an active lifestyle, as leaks are less risky with tampons. Wanna swim, run, or dance during your red days? You can easily do that with this one, champ. Made for regular flow. Proudly designed in the Philippines.

    How to Use this Product?

    Start with unwrapping the tampon. With clean hands, hold the base of the tampon and insert it into the vagina. Gently push the tampon inside using your middle finger. Make sure the string is hanging outside the vagina. Remove your finger, leaving the tampon inside. Let the string hang outside, as you’ll be using that when removing the tampon later.

    The best way to determine whether the tampon is full is by gently tugging the string. If the tampon isn’t budging, then it’s not filled enough. If you can feel the tampon slightly moving, it’s time to change to a new one. Change your tampon 3-5 times per day. Never wear the same one for more than 6 hours, regardless if it’s full or not.

    As for removal, start with getting into a comfortable position. Gently pull the removal string diagonally downwards. The tampon should smoothly slide out. If you can’t find the string, get into a squatting position and locate the cord with your fingers. Wrap the tampon with its original packaging or tissue paper, then throw it in a bin.

    Never wear the same tampon for more than 6 hours. Using it for more than the recommended duration can result in Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), a rare but potentially fatal illness.

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    Hormony Organic Regular Tampon 8sHormony Organic Regular Tampon 8s
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