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Lauvette Pouch

4.97 out of 5 based on 69 customer ratings
(69 customer reviews )



Keep your sex toys safe with the Lauvette Pouch. This exquisite string pouch is designed with a high-quality satin material, making it durable for multiple washes. You can surely rely on this pouch when protecting your sultry toys from bacteria and viruses.

  • Small/Square (S)  7” x 7”
  • Medium (M) 10” x 4”
  • Large (L) 12.5” x 6”
  • Convenient drawstring pouch
  • Made with silky-smooth satin material
  • Handmade with love by Filipino sewers
  • Please double check the dimensions of the toy to get the perfect pouch size

Earn up to 75 LauvPoints.

Earn up to 75 LauvPoints.

Know More

Lauvette Pouch Features

When it comes to your luscious sex toys, protecting them from dirt, dust, and other pollutants is a must. That’s why you need to secure these devices with high-quality pouches, such as the Lauvette Pouch. This locally-produced and handmade pouch comes in 3 sizes and 2 silky colors, ensuring that your toys are stored safely and discreetly. It also features a drawstring structure to conveniently cinch your pouch shut. With this elegant pouch bag, making your sex toys last is now easy-peasy.

How to Use This Pouch?

Using the Lauvette Pouch is pretty self-explanatory. You open the pouch, put your sex toys in there, then cinch the pouch shut. As for the sizes, here are some suggested toys per size: For the small/sqaure  pouch, it can fit mini vibrators, egg vibrators, couple vibrators, nipple clamps, and kegel ball sets. As for the medium pouch, the toys that can fit are classic standard-sized vibrators and anal toys. On the other hand, you can use the large pouch for above-average dildos and fleshlights. Take note though, it’s still best to check the dimensions of your toy first. Also, the pouch is handmade — there are possible minor discrepancies on the print or stitch patterns. However, we can assure you that it can effectively protect your toys from bacteria. 

How to Clean This Pouch?

Wash with love! When cleaning the Lauvette Pouch, we highly suggest hand-washing it with warm water and mild color-safe detergent. As for machine wash, just make sure that you’re cleaning it in low tumble dry mode and with garment bags. Use low cool iron if needed and sanitize whenever desired.

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4.97 out of 5
(69) Reviews
  1. dannie
    i love the color of the pouch, will definitely buy again !

  2. Ex
    It's really soft and keeps my toys nice and safe ^^

  3. C
    Love the texture and my toy fits just right!

  4. XX
    Very nice!! Love the shade of the pink pouch!

  5. MrLucifer
    Good quality!!! Perfect for hiding toys!!!

  6. Maddy
    Very pleased with the quality of the pouch I got as part of my package. The satin is very smooth and will definitely keep my toys safe and clean without damaging the silicone surfaces. Would highly recommend for you toy storage!

  7. A
    I’m glad I got this. Really happy with the color and quality, really nice! I might get the other color next time.

  8. A
    I’m happy I got this! The color and quality is really nice.

  9. C
    A good buy

  10. Em
    The pouch looks so classy and it keeps my toys safe! Great buy, I'll make sure to be buying these with my next purchases ☺️

  11. Penelope
    Great buy for my newly bought glass dildo. Premium quality!

  12. dd
    gorgeous pouches! they are both cute and classy. got medium and large. medium is enough to fit average size dildos and the large one can accommodate my big toy just fine! will definitely order more ❤

  13. V
    Love the pouch so much! It keeps my toys clean and safe. I especially love the baby pink color and the feel of the fabric. Just make sure to choose the size that's best for your toys! Definitely a must-have. 😍

  14. J
    I loved the quality. The stitching is nice, no frayed threads or anything and best of all, it didn't smell like a factory. Fresh agad, so just one wash is enough before use. Ordering a few more to keep things organized.

  15. Femme Love
    Great quality! Bigger than what it looks like. And it's super affordable. I have both pink and gray. Highly recommended!

  16. X
    Great material and does what it's supposed to. Sturdy as well.

  17. G
    My toys are safe with this pouch!

  18. Alex
    Nice pouch for my toys!

  19. henri
    ganda ng tela. safe na safe yung toy. sana may xs or xxs na para sa maliit na toys like nung duck. but overall maganda syaaa

  20. KSV
    Love these pouches! Nice fabric, can definitely store toys discreetly and can fit everything. :)

  21. H
    Pouches are great quality, the material is thick :)

  22. H
    Great quality pouches!

  23. EJ
    I got mine in pink. ☺️ Such a cute pouch to store your love toys!

  24. Jeanne
    Great! I got the medium size for my 7" vibe but I think it can fit another smaller toy.

  25. KS
    well- made but make sure to check the sizes! even S is big

  26. AM
    Fits my 7in dildo and my lube in a tube. ;) love the pink color!

  27. Dorothy
    Good pouch for discreet storage of items!

  28. V

  29. Mar
    The medium is such a good size for my toy But I do find the small a little bit too big for the smaller toys.

  30. cher
    Great quality product! Really appreciate the size specifications in the description as well since it made it easier for me to choose which ones to buy. A must-have if you need a pretty and safe storage for your toys!

  31. V

  32. Tata
    Good quality

  33. AJ
    In love with these pouches! It's nice and soft so I'm not worried about my toys at all. It's also perfect when packing for trips 😏

  34. violet
    It's perfect to protect your toys from dust, etc. The colors are cute as well. The design is simple but really cute. Knowing that my toys are safe in the pouches put me at ease. The material is really nice and soft. The sizes are written at the description box which helped me pick which size I need for my toys. These are great!

  35. Alex
    Super, super cute! Feels great in my hands. I got the medium one and it's a little big for my toy but I don't mind. As long as it fits (👀), we're good to go.

  36. Ali
    Perfect size for my toys! They feel really well made too.

  37. A
    Got the small size and it was perfect! I actually expected that it would be quite small but its not! quality is nice and the color is sooo cute!

  38. Christine
    So cute!! Will buy the other sizes for the rest of my toys next time :)

  39. CC

  40. emsee
    Bought this with the Hickey Dildo, but it doesnt fit haha! But I can use it on my smaller vibrators!

  41. Enna
    This pouch looks lovely. The material is so soft and nice. I think I ordered a wrong size for my toy though 😅

  42. J
    Love the material! Feels very sophisticated and bigger than I expected so it would fit multiple toys.

  43. Joselle Junsay
    This is very silky and soft! I love it so much.

  44. J
    Very soft and perfect storage for my toy

  45. Twix
    The material looks sturdy and it feels very silky. It’s the perfect pouch to store my toys. Will definitely purchase more of these.

  46. Ono
    The pouch is so roomy and I loved its texture, now I can keep my toys without worries.

  47. Jinx💜💜💜
    The pouch is so lovely and has more than enough space for my toys. 💝

  48. NK
    very cute! noticeably nice quality

  49. MF
    Bought the large pouch and it’s just right for my vibe + lube...with space for more when I order other toys! 😉

  50. Moji
    Sadly the largest one is out of stock when I ordered so I took this instead, it doesn't fit my dildo that I ordered along with this, but I will use this pouch for my vibrator instead. Perfect fit. The quality is superb 🤩

  51. B
    I’m so glad I bought these! I hope you make extra small ones in the future too.

  52. Marie
    Super cute color + gets the job done! Got the M size for my glass wand and now I don't have to worry about any scratches on it.

  53. el
    High quality and worth the price! The large pouch is so sulit! I got scared it wont fit at first but it's very spacious! ❤️

  54. XOXO
    it's a great accessory and looks really nice. If you buy a dildo with balls at the bottom....get the large pouch :)

  55. kc
    Classy pouch for a very cheap price. Super love my purchase! Please also make extra small pouches for the ducky! ❤️

  56. emsee
    Hey not bad for a small size pouch! Kasya ang mini vibrator and clit sucker ko plus the lubie lubricant! 7x7" size is the small one ♡ i love how shiny and simple it is ♡

  57. Naomi
    I always buy this whenever I buy a toy. It amazing and keeps all my goodies nice, neat, and hygienic.

  58. KMKY
    Bought some to keep my clamps and dildos safe. Silicone, rubber, TPE toys react to eachother and could get ruined so they should be stored separately (also for hygiene). I highly recommend the pouches but maybe not for dildos with balls because I couldn't fit mine in.

  59. SweetTooth
    I sooo love this pouch. And others won't really know what's inside 😛

  60. Aki
    I am so inlove with this pouch! It is sooo cute I love the color! Perfect pouch for my toy!

  61. Cutesy
    Love love love this pouch! Good quality! I'm gonna buy again when I purchase other toys :) it can honestly be used for other things too and helpful with packing for trips 😅

  62. Lulu
    It's well sewn, good cloth to protect the goodies, and looks pretty!

  63. Misc
    Got multiple to house my toys, and super happy they look and feel well made.

  64. Karla
    It was so nice of lauvette to give me the correct size eventho I ordered a small one which will not fit my toy. :) The pouch is super nice quality and looks fancy :)

  65. CD
    The product is good, but I received the wrong color. Ordered Gray, but got pink. Oh well, served its purpose :)

  66. Anna
    The pink is so cute! It's soft and well-made, my toys will definitely stay safe and clean in these.

  67. JM
    Cute colors, both gray and pink! Looks so fancy too! Be sure to measure your toys before purchasing one!

  68. Camille
    Super nice these pouches! I ordered the wrong size for my toy and Lauvette is so nice to reach out to me to tell me about it and made sure I get the correct size. :)

  69. Ann
    Really nice material! 🥺

Lauvette Pouch
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