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Vibrators For Women

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Vibrators For Women

What Are Vibrators?

Vibrator for women are probably one of the most popular adult toys. They’re compact, they’re mobile, and our favorite part—they vibrate. Whether you’re in the mood to take charge of your own sexual needs or have your partner give you a helping hand, you can count on a vibrator to give you an intense orgasm after orgasm. These vibrating gadgets are your new best friends. And if you haven’t tried them yet, you’re possibly depriving yourself of one of the most pleasurable experiences in life.

A Brief History of Vibrators

During the 19th and 20th century, some women of the upper and middle class were diagnosed with “hysteria”, a nervous condition. We’re not sure how it actually went down but the wise doctors of that day probably had a meeting and one of them said, “Oh, I know! Why don’t we perform vulvar massage on these women?” At that time, it didn’t count as sex because the act was done through external stimulation. The poor doctors started to have aching wrists and hands because of the number of women who were getting regular treatments. Physician George Taylor thought he needed a break and invented the steam-powered vibrator for women called “Manipulator” for medical use. Around two decades after that, another doctor created the battery-powered vibrators that we now know and very much love.

Are Vibrators For You?

If you’re ready to have some intense fun, then yes, vibrators are definitely for you. But if you still have apprehensions, then you might want to ask yourself first how you want to use the vibrator. Do you like direct or indirect clitoral stimulation? Is it for personal use? Or for you and your partner? Such questions can only be answered by getting to know your body and your partner. There are different types of vibrators out there. With so many designs, intensities, materials, shapes, and prices vibrators for women have, you’re bound to find one (or two, why stop at one?) that can hit you in the right spot.

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