Durex Spice Naughty Chocolate 3s

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Get loco for some coco. Experience chocolatey fun with Durex Spice Naughty Chocolate. Reach new heights with this new, unique flavor.

  • Chocolate-flavored and colored
  • Pre-lubricated
  • Easy-to-wear
  • Fits all shapes
  • Teat-ended
  • Made of natural rubber latex
  • Tested by dermatologists
  •  2.07 inches nominal width

Stock is available

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    Who can use Durex Spice Naughty Chocolate?

    This is for anyone who wants to have flavored fun in the bedroom. You can use Durex Spice Naughty Chocolate to add a sweet scent to your romance. It fits all shapes and sizes. It’s a great addition to all kinds of kinky activities.

    What are the safety precautions?

    Oil-based substances like petroleum jelly and baby oil can damage condoms so don’t use it in conjunction with this condom. If the wearer feels any discomfort or irritation while using this condom, stop using immediately. Seek a doctor immediately if symptoms persist. This condom is made of natural rubber latex which can trigger allergic reactions as intense as anaphylactic shocks so seek medical advice before using.

    How to use this condom?

    Once you’ve unpacked the Durex Spice Naughty Chocolate condom from the package, pinch the tip then slowly roll the pre-lubricated condom. It might be slippery so be careful. Make sure it doesn’t bubble up once you slip it on your penis or it might break during intercourse. Once it’s securely worn, you may now enjoy safe sex!

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    5 out of 5
    (1) Reviews
    1. niccolo
      smells good and a very nice companion for sex plays!

    Durex Spice Naughty Chocolate 3sDurex Spice Naughty Chocolate 3s
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