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Water-Based Lubricant Bundle

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Add a little slip ‘n’ slide to your sex life with Lauvette’s Water-Based Lubricant Bundle. Made with a light, non-toxic, and non-greasy formula, it reduces friction and pain during sex. It also adds a dash of silky fun when playing with your sex toys.

  • Includes five (5) 50ML bottles of water-based lube
  • Flavors: honey, green apple, chocolate, pineapple, and unflavored
  • Glycerin-free and paraben-free
  • Harmless when ingested (edible)
  • Safe to use with sex toys and condoms
  • Made with a mild, non-sticky, and long-lasting formula
  • Uniquely blended to emulate your body’s own natural lubrication
  • pH balanced neutral

Stock is available

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    Water-Based Lubricant Bundle Features

    Whether you’re doing it with babe or with your fave sex toys, these luscious lubes will surely spice up the deed! The Lauvette Water-Based Lubricant Bundle features five (5) flavors of lube, giving a smoother groove to your sexcapades. It reduces friction during penetrative sex and offers a wide range of sensations to various types of plays. You can also use this for non-sexual activities such as massages and period cup insertions. Main ingredients: purified water, plant cellulose (from cotton), zanthoxylum bungeanum fruit extract, forsythia extract. Additional Ingredients (for flavoring): honey extract (for honey lube), green apple aroma (for green apple lube), chocolate aroma (for choco lube), pineapple aroma (for pineapple lube).

    How to Use this Lube?

    Got yourself the Lauvette Water-Based Lubricant Bundle? Great! There are tons of ways to use these lubricants. You can use these lubes for oral sex, penetrative sex, handjobs, sensual massages, sex toy play, and period cup insertions. Just squeeze a few drops of lube into the chosen area. Make sure to store this bundle somewhere that’s away from direct sunlight. Keep the cap tightly close to prevent spillage. Consume it before November 2023.

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    Water-Based Lubricant Bundle
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