Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby!

The Sexual Wellness Dictionary
Ebook Sexual Wellness Dictionary

Have you perhaps felt like your sex education class or knowledge is lacking? Are you wondering about how certain things surrounding sex that you’ve heard of, but never got clear answers to them? Well, you’re in luck! If there’s anything we at Lauvette wished for as early as our teenage years, it’s a dictionary on (almost) everything sex-related when our bodies were going through those crazy hormonal changes! Time to get your curiosity up and running; here’s our thicc dictionary on sexual wellness for your reading pleasure.

  • Over 800+ terms on sexual wellness!
  • Learn various kinks, body parts, types of relationships, and more.
  • Understand the importance of sexual wellness.
  • Grab a hold of key tips on improving your sexual side.
  • Spread more sex positivity!
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