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Ladylike Love Egg

4.96 out of 5 based on 26 customer ratings
(26 customer reviews )

1,450.00 990.00

1,450.00 990.00

Graceful and totally lady-like. The Ladylike Love Egg is such a knock out with its subtle yet attractive colors and design. It has a velvety surface and 10 vibration frequencies that feel so great on your skin.

  • Size: length 3.5″ / thickness 1″
  • 10 vibration frequencies
  • Rechargeable (USB cable included)
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless remote control
  • Ergonomic design for ultimate vaginal and anal pleasure

Earn up to 990 LauvPoints.

Earn up to 990 LauvPoints.


Remote Control

Various Vibration


Know More

Ladylike Love Egg Features

A love toy that works with the gracefulness of a lady. With a total size of: length 3.5″ / thickness 1″ , the Ladylike Love Egg is a mini love egg that has a slender body made from silicone + ABS material that’s so velvety to the touch. There are 10 different vibration frequencies you can choose from and it comes with a battery-powered remote control. Its motor can last up to 60-100 minutes so you can have uninterrupted bedroom fun.

How Is The Toy Used?

The Ladylike Love Egg is a rechargeable love toy. Charge the toy to its full power before use. First, insert the round battery at the back of the remote. To charge the egg vibrator, find the tiny charging hole on its surface where “CE” is engraved. Charging starts when it blinks red. Find the main button on the love egg to turn it on/off. (One long press, toy enters stand by mode; one short press to start vibrations). To pair with the remote, you have to turn on the love egg first and wait that it lights up. Press once the wireless remote to connect it with the love toy. Press it again to change modes. Insert the love toy in your anus or vagina, or you can run it all over your erogenous zones such as your neck, thighs, back, and clitoris. Take charge of the strength of the vibrations by using the remote control. You can give up the controls to your partner as part of your kinky couple plays. Squat and pull the string to remove the love toy from your anus or vagina.

Care Instruction

Clean with warm water and mild soap.

Pat dry with lint-free cloth or towel.

Pack in a linen/silk/satin pouch.

Do not use acid-cleaner or brush.

Make sure water does not go inside the switch or charging port.

Store in a cool dry place.

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4.96 out of 5
(26) Reviews
  1. KT
    This toy is super fun!! and adds a lot of variety in the bedroom. Personally I wish it had stronger vibrations, but it's a great toy for beginners. The ridges on the surface feel really nice and the overall toy looks sturdy and pleasant to touch. The remote is a lifesaver and so convenient to use. After writing my initial review, the string on one side broke! Have been using it for about less than a month. Now it's just a vibrator. Still super happy with Lauvette's service and will look at their other toys to replace this one.

  2. K
    Such a great find! I am very much glad that I decided on purchasing this. It has great vibrations and the color I chose is very pretty. Thank you, Lauvette!

  3. reireilove
    Fast shipping, good customer service, hinde ata to pang first timer hahha hinde ko mainsert lol Pede sya pang massage din. Cutie design

  4. rialalalove
    Their customer service is superb, I super love this little egg. Great for first timers and v discreet looking.

  5. MC
    Super straightforward and easy to use! No fuss and its small and cute 🧡😍

  6. violet
    This is so nice! The modes are perfect and the design is cute. It's small and the noise is not that high. The remote comes with a battery. There was a time when the remote fell off my bed and wouldn't work and I got worried if I broke it but I checked it again after a few hours and it was working again so IDK what to think about that... I also wish the battery life was longer than 60 minutes for longer playing time but it's still really great! I think beginners would like this a lot. Even those who get scared of inserting a toy to their delicates. It's as long as a finger so it's almost the same as using a finger to masturbate but, better.

  7. J
    The design is too cute. Perfect for beginners

  8. CO
    We love it! Great buy for our first toy. Looking forward to buy another one, soon. ☺️

  9. AG
    My first toy and I love it! Perfect for beginners :)

  10. L
    3 words. I love it

  11. Jinx💜💜💜
    First time to have such kinky toy. Love it. Will definitely explore the other toys.

  12. DMC
    First toy ever. Ang masasabi ko lang HOW DID I LIVE 27YRS WITHOUT SEX TOYS???? UGH sobrang dali gamitin sobrang sarap. Perfect huhu

  13. A
    My very first vibrator! It has powerful vibrations that brought me to climax in just a few minutes. So good!

  14. Naomi
    My first vibrator, and it was amazing. Great for first time users.

  15. S
    First time user. I was shocked how strong the vibrations are. Definetely worth it.

  16. A
    Perfect for first timers and add-on for couple’s play :)

  17. JennJenn
    This is the first time I bought something like this. I never imagined that I'll be using a toy but my partner asked me if we could try this and to be honest this is isn't bad. Will probably buy something for him too.

  18. G
    I think this is a fairly good item for someone who's looking to get their first toy. For its size it was quite surprising that it had many variations to choose from (aside from the creativity, that's always up to the user ;) ). That being said its small size is great for those who want to hide it or keep it fairly discreet.

  19. AF
    So far soooo good! 😍 Easy to use anywhere, anytime as it has a discreet feature. Big things do come in small packages.

  20. D
    Bought it as a gift for my partner. Def’ spiced our all-nighter and she even dragged me asking for more. Cheers to Lauvette and team.

  21. Beegie
    Easy to use, really fun and discreet! Super love the free Midnight Glow Massage Candle too. Thanks Lauvette!

  22. A.Kim
    My gf and I definitely had fun playing with this that we’re now checking for more toys 🤣 thanks Lauvette for spicing up our nights! 😏

  23. peachbun
    The color is really pretty and it's easy to use for a beginner like me. It's also very sturdy and well made.

  24. Rein
    Super easy to use ❤ plus the colors are super adorable.

  25. Tina
    Cute and easy to use! I got the turquoise color cos it's unique. remote is really effective and not lag unlike the remote toys I bought before in another sex toy store. thank u lauvette for the matibay good quality sex toys :))))

  26. April
    Cute product. You can play with the frequency and even try it anywhere, even in public haha. It's more fun really. My boyfriend had so much fun teasing me while controlling the remote.

Ladylike Love Egg
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