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About VeDO

Ready to give yourself some good vibes? If you’re looking for a premium brand that focuses on vibrating love toys, we highly suggest checking this one out.

VeDO is an international sex toy brand that focuses on vibrating love toys– their brand tagline even goes with “Let your body vibe!” They aim to provide intimate lifestyle products that could take people beyond their wildest imagination. They believe in the importance of sexual wellness and how sex toys can improve our overall wellbeing.

They’re currently developing and producing vibrators, vibrating cock rings, vibrating strokers, and vibrating anal toys. All of these devices are well-crafted by their dedicated team of engineers and designers, ensuring that every toy fits your anatomy and preferences.

As for the materials of the toys, all of their sensual products are made with body-safe materials. All of their sex toys feature a velvety silicone finish that’s gentle on the skin. They’re also RoHS-Compliant, ensuring that there’s no toxic or questionable material included in the manufacturing of their love toys.

Learn more about this trusted love toy brand below.

Mission & Vision

As their brand tagline says: “Let your body vibe!”

VeDO’s mission is to de-stigmatize erotic exploration by launching a premium and inclusive line of vibrating sex toys. They believe that engaging in sensual activities is an essential form of self-care. And by enhancing people’s sexploraions through their love toys, they think that they’re also helping people improve their overall wellbeing.

In line with the mission above, they’re also seeking to develop the best vibrating love toys in the market. Most of their sensual devices have ergonomic designs and advanced features, ensuring to take their clientele beyond their wildest imagination.

Another mission of this brand is to improve people’s intimacy with their partners. They want their love toys to bring new heights to the typical sexual routine. They are continuously developing sex toys that couples can use– from sophisticated mini vibrators to sleek penis rings.

With these goals in mind, the brand is looking forward to seeing more empowered individuals taking control of their pleasure.


Did you know VeDO already sold over a million products? Because of their toys’ innovative designs and features, more and more individuals are loving their pleasure products.

Most of their bestsellers are the beginner-friendly variants, such as their Yumi Finger Vibe, Luv Plus Bullet Vibe, Gee Plus Bullet Vibe, Bam Bullet Vibe, Kiwi Bullet Vibe, and Niki Panty Vibe. Along with the beginner-friendly love toys, their premium line of classic and rabbit vibrators are taking center stage as well, such as the Quiver Plus Rechargeable Vibe, Rockie Dual Vibe, and Joy Vibe.

They’ve also launched a series of bunny-shaped vibrators, which has become an instant hit in the VeDO crowd. Their bestselling love toys under that line are the Crazzy Bunny Bullet Vibe and Kinky Bunny Plus Dual Vibe. As for their male sex toys, the Grip Vibrating stroker is their current bestseller.

With their continuous innovation in the world of vibrating love toys, you can expect new bestsellers to come up on the list.

Quality & Materials

All VeDO love toys are made from high-quality silicone, ensuring a smooth and seamless finish. If you’re not familiar with this material, it’s actually one of the best materials for sex toys. It’s velvet-smooth, flexible, durable, non-porous, and temperature-sensitive. Silicone is also an ideal choice for those who are allergic or sensitive to latex.

All of the VeDO love toys are also 100% free from phthalates. These are chemical plasticizers suspected to have carcinogenic and mutagenic effects on the skin. They are usually used in plastics to increase the flexibility of the said material. But as we’ve mentioned, all VeDO products are made from silicone– so there’s no need for this questionable material.

Aside from that, all VeDO products are RoHS-compliant. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) is a European Union directive that restricts hazardous materials in electronic equipment manufacturing. This means that all VeDO love toys are free from toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium.

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